When an organization has been around for as long as BrisVO, inevitably some members leave us.

Among those who speak for a living, there can be no greater acknowledgement of friends and colleagues than a brief silence.

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews 1970 - 2008

On talk back radio every listener got the feeling that Steve really cared about the people he was talking to. That's because he really did. He was a big man with a big voice and a big heart to match.

Tony Gordon

Tony Gordon 1955 - 2001

Tony was a great talent and a great bloke. He had an irrepressible joy about him that shone through from behind a microphone, in front of a camera and at the controls of an aircraft. Few people have ever lived fuller a life.

Download an mp3 of Tony at work

Jim Pilgrim

A unique character in radio for over 40 years, Jimbo’s distinctive, booming voice made him one of Australia's most iconic voice over talents.

Jim was never without a story to tell, and his contribution to the industry will always be remembered.

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