Here's Angela Walsh

Angela Walsh has been doing professional voice overs for local, national, and international clients for over many, many years with credits for theatre, television, film, Internet, and corporate presentations. 

Don’t let her age fool you, her vocal range is extensive and her versatility and acting skill means she can carry character roles as well as commercial requirements, everything from a convincing hard sell retail to a subtle emotive read.

Whatever your voice over needs, just ask!

At this time, Angela is restricted to recording from her home studio.

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Walter Williams has been stepping up to the microphone in some of the best recording studios in Australia for decades.  Walt’s voice is a part of Australian recording history. As a prolific and strong vocal talent, it’s no surprise that Walt’s won accolade after accolade for his contribution to spoken word.

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With over 30 years in the industry, seasoned voice actor Tony Bellette has told more stories than he cares to remember. However every now and again there’s a gig that’s impossible to forget. Like when he was asked to narrate the history of Qantas for the new Qantas founders museum at Longreach.

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Too many is never enough for Brie

When Brisbane hot shop Khemistry created a series of CSA’s for the Queensland Government to promote responsible drinking of alcohol, the agency called in Brie Jurss to help spread the word. While Brie’s forthright delivery cautioned audiences to know how many is too many, her professional performance in the recording booth proved the sky is her limit!

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