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Cindy Donato is a Multi-Award Winning Creative Writer, and the female voice of Sea FM and Nova for over 15 years.

Before that… (ok a looooong time before that), she was the national voice of Portmans, Sportsgirl, Ford Australia and Just Jeans. All these years later, Cindy still sounds too young to get into a nightclub!!
…But her range is easily 25 – 45 as she brings a youthful vibe to the scripts she brings to life.

Cindy knows how to connect with the listener delivering emotive, conversational, MOH, corporate, narration and soft sell with a light and engaging tone of voice.

With 20 years industry experience, she can help with Creative Writing Services, VO’s or both! As Cindy is a seasoned pro on both sides of the mic, she can dive into the rhythm of a read so it flows. For an honest, earnest, natural or vibrant read, Cindy’s your gal!

Oh and if you’re looking for an easy way out of a bad romance, Cindy does great break-up messages!
… But if you’re blissfully happy, then just book her for your next campaign. She’ll make it land.

Leave the thespian, actor stuff to other talent here because they do it best! Cindy has a girl next-door, friendly and sincere sound that brings the perfect tone of voice to your brand.

Thinking a great fit? Awesome!

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