Here's Jennifer Mary

Jen’s voice is youthful, yet with a timeless quality of wisdom that ensures she’s taken seriously. She’ll tell your story with a disarming honesty that people find ever so easy to agree with. They will hear your script spring to life not from a salesman or a news reader, but from a trustworthy friend. A friend whose advice you always listen to.

So if you need:
…the voice of the socially conscious
…a sophisticated hipster, urban yuppy
…an industry leader who can connect with and inspire hard to impress audiences
…the cool teacher you wish you’d had
…a voice that cuts through the BS filter

Jen is your gal.

She voices everything from high-end corporate and government projects to hip commercials and engaging eLearning. Her experience spans numerous national and local campaigns.


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Kubler Auckland Management

Phone 07 3368 1700

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Jennifer can be contacted through her agent:

Kubler Auckland Management
Phone 1300 858 464
Email KAM
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