Here's Paul Davies

Paul is a much loved voice actor in the studios of Brisbane, a pilot, motorcyclist, father, actor and a long time broadcaster.

He comes to every session self contained and carrying with him a maturity of script interpretation that many will confirm they have not seen by anyone else standing behind a microphone.

He is the trusted “go to” man. The living mantra by which all creative writers quietly recite to themselves……”Paul can do that”. As an announcer of straight scripts you still get the tone of everyman. The guy on the street. He’s accessible, interested and concerned that what he’s saying must also be understood. His voice doesn’t sit above the audience booming like an all important message but lives amongst us.

Paul’s delivery is a voice over class. Writers and other talent would be well served taking a moment to listen to his inflection, energy, diction and self-editing skills.

When Paul gives you one more, it’s not a repeat but another look at how to get people listening and enjoying the performance. The term “voice artist” was invented to describe Paul Davies.

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Paul Davies
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Have you heard?

Paul Davies ‘Eds to London

Earlier this year Paul channeled his inner Cockney and voiced a series of promos for the Hit Network’s ‘Ed to London with Carrie and Tommy’ competition – Hit’s first overseas competition since the pandemic.

Paul has quite a way with words. And accents.

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Paul fights for Bees

Brisbane creative shop, Brother and Co. got a call up to show their wares on ABC’s ad show, Gruen. Their brief: Save our Bees. The Bro Co called in the persuasive Paul Davies to provide the narrative.

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Paul Davies goes underground

When Brisbane design studio, Flip Creative initiated their covert radio operation with Nova for the launch of a new trendy Valley bar, they sniffed out special agent Paul Davies, the man with a thousand tongues.

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