Here's Rebecca Frith

Best known for her lead role in David Strattons’ top 3 fave Oz films, “Love Serenade”, Rebecca is admired by her colleagues (Miranda Otto, Sam Neill, Geoffrey Rush, Cate Blanchett, Andrea Moor, Jacki Weaver and others!) as one of the finest actors in the country and “the sexiest voice I have ever heard” (Peter Wherrett, ABC).

Relaxed, focused,punctual, versatile and extremely professional, Rebecca loves her work, is a joy to work with and has a honey- smooth voice that could “sell ice to eskimoes”!

One industry expert described Rebecca’s voice as “mellifluous”. We had to look it up:

mellifluous  – adjective

1:  having a smooth rich flow  a mellifluous voice

2 : filled with something (such as honey) that sweetens  mellifluous confections


Many other people in the know have been equally as complimentary:


We love having Rebecca come to grace us with her warm, wonderful tones. Her voice comes from the heart and she is easily directed.

Ross Batten | Senior Sound Designer


Thanks again for a great session Rebecca, it was really nice to work with you again. Rebecca offers a unique tone and brings genuine warmth to every script – she’s a true professional.

Mike Lange | Senior Sound Designer, Cutting Edge Post 


Rebecca is always lovely to work with. She is very professional and always prompt at confirming her availability with us. 

Sarah Ritchie | Producer


Rebecca expresses in her voice the revelation of beauty. She opens a space in which the revelation of beauty can proceed.

Judy Norman and Dot Maver | Sydney Goodwill


Is there intelligent life beyond our earth? Out beyond the stars. Don’t be afraid earthlings, because on the day we make contact all their wisdom and all their insight will be delivered with the voice of Rebecca Frith. Her friendly intelligence is warm and honest. Her conversation is relatable. Her whispers are strong with the stuff that brings a listener close. So many voices these days sound the same. Sure, grounded, solid, but not containing the magic you hoped for. The star quality you were searching for.  But with Rebecca’s tone and delivery, your messages become memorable and your project is far more satisfying and thrilling then you could have imagined. Rebecca is an experienced actor and a skilled vocal performer. She brings all this and more to every audio assignment she undertakes. 

Geoff Esdaile | Senior Creative Writer, SCA

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Mobile 0468 544 066

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