Here's Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy is a full-time voiceover artist with a career that spans all genres across two decades.

Sarah has her own broadcast quality studio with a full standard license for Source-Connect. This allows studios all over the world to seamlessly connect with her and record the audio directly from her microphone. Sarah also offers plenty of options for live direction where she does the recording at her end such as Zoom, Google Meet, Source Connect NOW and others. She sends either raw or lightly processed audio directly to her clients.

Sarah is perfectly comfortable with self-directing and is more than happy to record free short auditions. Once booked, Sarah works with her clients until they are 100% happy, which never takes long.

There’s no need to hire an expensive production studio or even leave your office when working with Sarah. 

Link up virtually and receive digitally! 

But of course if you prefer to work with her in person, she’ll travel to whichever studio you choose. 

She also represents herself, so she’s easier to contact because there’s no agent getting in the way. 

Studio specs include: DemVOX Sound Isolation Booth, Sennheiser MKH 416, Neumann TLM 103, Audient iD14, Twisted Wave, Waves and Izotope Plugins.

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Sarah Kennedy can explain

Sarah Kennedy is regularly sought to help organisations create explainer videos – like this production for Tribal CRM created for Jones Millbank at Temple Studios in Bristol, UK.

With a fully stacked studio at her Brisbane home, Sarah can lay down the tracks and deliver prompt professional recordings to clients all over the globe.

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