‘Diversity’ is the word for Teresa Lim

TALENT: Teresa Lim

AGENCY: Various


Versatile, adaptable and multi-talented, Teresa Lim’s diverse abilities means she will never be pigeon-holed. No wonder she’s cast for for such a wide range of roles.

This year already Teresa has been chosen as the new network voice for FOX SPORTS. You can hear her pumping out weekly promos as the voice for Netball Australia and Women’s AFL with help from 3p Studio, Rosco Audio and the Voice Plant, who have each helped link-in weekly live directed video sessions to Sydney studios.
On the other side of the vocal spectrum Teresa’s entering her 6th year as the vibrant, youthful channel voice for Turner Entertainment’s Cartoon Network Boomerang TV, continuing work on some fun kids brands on the network like Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing
And when she’s not voicing promos, Teresa can be heard on TV campaigns such as  Panasonic’s newest NanoEX Air conditioners, or  AusGov’s pregnancy guidelines …  and CSIRO’s newest innovation
Teresa continues this year as Brisbane’s Live Announcer for the Queensland Premier’s Awards and on-screen nationally she’s presenting Brand Power TVC’s and is also the new face and voice for FreeStyle Libre Australia and Asia. She also continues her work with the Asian Leadership Project, bringing her passion for diversity and inclusion onto the corporate stage at NAB headquarters. 
This year’s highlight though has been working on three new shoots with Tourism Queensland and Tourism Australia on their recent campaigns for beautiful Lady Musgrave Island, Whitsundays and Cape York. She was also thrilled to see the feature film Loveland released this month with work from an international collaboration through her instagram #voiceoverchallenge with voice actors from around the world to form an incredible soundscape with thanks to Folklore Sound.
You can listen to Teresa’s Demos here.