Lisa has the time and the place

TALENT: Lisa Kay

Time management is Lisa Kay’s super power. It’s a skill born out of multi-tasking numerous requests for acting roles or voiceover gigs.

Lisa’s resume makes for fascinating reading: Heartbeat, Chicken Run, Corpse Bride, Bridget Jones’ Diary… the talented Brit, who now calls Sydney home, is in hot demand.

Most recently the respected actor has been working on the new Tam Sainsury directed series, Time and Place, co-staring Tracy Mann, Lara Cox, Conrad Colby, Bree Desbourgh, Jeff Gannon and Lee Carseldine.

In between scenes Lisa has voiced the Bristish pilot Amy Johnson, for Living Wine Labels, and recently completed a 4-part documentary called A Royal Tour of the 20th Century which is coming soon.

Lisa’s having the time of her life.