Liz provides a breath of fresh air

TALENT: Liz Buchanan

Lactose intolerance is no joke. But gas is. Pauls’ national Zymil campaign has been renewed for its third year, and Liz is proud to be part of the dairy company’s fight to calm Aussie guts. This successful series of TVCs crescendos in a bubbly pool fart shared between a gorgeous couple. The question; was it him? Or was it her? Only Zymil has the answer.

Liz has long been the ‘go-to’ girl for professional voice work for a glittering portfolio of household names.

She continues her long standing voicing relationships with brands like Lite n’Easy and NRMA Parks and Resorts, while her recent work includes TVCs for Qld Treasury Dept, Telfast, Village Roadshow and Seaworld. And of course, she can keep it straight with an extensive list of clients for narration and e-learning. No fart jokes.

Hear more from Liz. Check out her demo here.