Ol’ mate Crickers loves to talk

TALENT: Chris Crickmay

It’s been a huge start to the year for the hard working larrikin, Chris ‘Crickers’ Crickmay.

The paint had barely had time to dry on his recently refurbed home studio before the word got out that his voice booth was cranking out a fresh new vibe.

Some of Australia’s big names have been calling: eBay, Domaine, Red Rooster. Even the legendary local pie shop, Goldstein’s Bakery has been keen to get Crickers spruiking their wares.

From sophisticated, to ol’ mate next door, from authoritative to loose canon. Crickers has a unique gift of the gab; adjusting his vocal performance like a chameleon to subtly blend in with the occasion.

Check out his video montage above, or check out his demos.

Or better still, if you need the voice for all occasions, contact the man himself.