Robert Coleby is the Queen’s private secretary

TALENT: Robert Coleby

Robert Coleby is a proven performer. His list of credits is as long as your arm. And your leg. A long-time Brisbane local, Rob was born and trained in the UK, moving downunder in 1970s. Since that time he’s enjoyed a regular presence on the stage, TV and silver screen, and has well over over 100 film and television credits to his name.

Most recently the in-demand actor has been been working on ‘Last Days of the Space Age’ for Disney. This production is a wild mix of conflict and drama set around the historic events of 1979 in Perth when the Miss Universe Contest was held as Skylab was about to crash to earth somewhere around the city. A major factor is a power supply dispute with the Unions threatening black-outs. The power company built by his character Murray Doull is run by his wayward son Wayne.

And currently, Rob’s been cast as a series regular in ‘The Queen of Oz’ , written by and starring Catherine Tate for the BBC. Catherine plays the Queen, while Rob plays Bernard, the Queens private secretary.

Keep an eye out for it. By all accounts it’s hilarious!

In the meantime, check out Rob’s demo and remind yourself why he should be on your hit list for that next script you’re writing.