Robert Coleby’s ups and downs

TALENT: Robert Coleby

PRODUCTION: Self produced

Veteran of the stage and screen. Accomplished voice actor. Talented singer songwriter. Robert Coleby is your classic triple threat.

While the theatre waits in the wings for its aniticipated grand entrance, Rob’s been keeping himself creatively active in his home studio with his collection of guitars, ipad simulated keyboard, harp, and Garageband. He’s recorded enough tracks for an album, including this original composition: Going Down.

In other news, Robert and fellow BrisVO alumni, Kate Wilson, had some fun early in the year recording ‘Do Us Part’ by Krissy Kneen for the Red Light section of the Brisbane Festival produced by Tara Hobbs. Guy Webster was the recording engineer at Hunting Ground Studios trying to keep a straight face while they got down to some R-rated business, in character of course, as Delores and Ivan.

We can only imagine.