Ross Newth sounds familiar

TALENT: Ross Newth

You may not recognise his face, but there’s something very familiar about Ross Newth.

Is it the voice of NINE News Brisbane and the Gold Coast promos that rings a bell? Perhaps it’s the imaging voice for 4BC.

Maybe it’s voice of the COVID 19 Commercials heard nationally throughout the height of the epidemic that comes to mind? Or is it that voice that guided you through the last e-learning thing you did online?

There’s no escaping the voice of Ross Newth. He’s very much part of the fabric of SE QLD. In fact, you can’t even board a train in Brisbane without Ross letting you know what station you’re departing.

For over 40 years, Ross has stood relatively anonymously behind the microphone, using his voice to inform, advise, sell and surmise.

So, what would happen if that voice and the person behind it was exposed in front of a live audience?

We’ll let the video do the talking. Hit play.

To hear more from Ross, check out his demo.