TALENT: Brie Jurss

Brie Jurss is the centre of attention this month. You can hear her voice celebrating Flight Centre’s collaboration with Netball Australia in a new TV spot.

The idea behind the spot puts both brands front and centre, and it can be seen on the big screens at Suncorp Stadium.

The sound track and Brie’s voice recording were polished by Dave Champion at the Voice Plant.

Brie says training should be simple.

Brie Jurss has an excellent way of explaining things. When she talks she makes everything sound so simple. 

That’s precisely the direction the team at aXelcerate were looking for when they scouted the talent on the BrisVO website. They could have settled on a number of excellent options to voice the spot to announce their Training Management product but selected Brie. You can watch the aXcelerate spot below.

Brie recorded the read in her home studio and the client was delighted. “Thanks so much for your talent!” they said. “Everyone loves your voice over and we will be in contact again in the future!” 

That kind of comment is music to Brie’s ear.

Hear more from Brie. Check out her demo here.

Brie says training should be simple

TALENT: Brie Jurss

When Brisbane hot shop Khemistry created a series of CSA’s for the Queensland Government to promote responsible drinking of alcohol, the agency called in Brie Jurss to help spread the word.

While Brie’s forthright delivery cautioned audiences to know how many is too many, her professional performance in the recording booth proved the sky is her limit!

Versatility is the name of the game for Brie – a trait that finds her cast for a broad range of performances, including UQ’s Open Day campaign (also recorded at Khemistry), and Flight Centre’s “Winter is Coming” series (see below),  an ongoing campaign recorded at Voiceplant.

Flight Centre - Fire & Ice campaign


While the world has been in lockdown the brisVO collective has been working overtime on its A-Game. And now, the home of Brisbane’s hottest voice talent is very excited to welcome seven new faces to the fold. Fresh, distinctive, versatile… and ever so talented, the new mix of voices give agencies, production houses and creative hubs even greater choice and possibliities than ever before.

So if those voices in your head are telling you to “be the best you can be“, there’s never been a better time to turn to brisVO to bring your script to life.

Check out our new crop of voices (in no particular order):

CINDY DONATO – The girl next door with a modern vibe.

BRIE JURSS – Bursting with energy and kindness.

JENNIFER MARY – A youthful innocence with a worldly quality.

JACQUI McLAREN – Naturally energetic yet vibrantly engaging.

DIGBY GILLINGS – Empathetic, convincing, confident and friendly.

MARCUS OBORN – Deep, warm and authoritative, with a resonant tone.

MIKEE JOAQUIN – Versatile and genuine with infectious enthusiam.

Be sure to listen to their demos.