TALENT: Damien Garvey

BrisVO’s Damien Garvey has hit a rich vein of form.

After finishing Disney’s Nautilus at the end of 2022, the versatile actor scored another Disney show, playing Governor Edwin Fox in “The Artful Dodger”.

Set in 1850s Australia, the series follows the adult double life of Charles Dickens’ famous prince of thieves Dodger now a surgeon, but who can’t shake his predilection for crime.

Beyond his many screen credits, Damien is regularly selected to represent a number of mighty teams:

Century Batteries.

Rural Aid.

The Brisbane Broncos.

VW Amorok.

And most recently, Land Rover and the Wallabies.

He’s got a fair game.

TALENT: Damien Garvey

Accomplished Australian actor Damien Garvey has been a regular presence on television screens for more than 20 years.

The award winning artist might be best remembered for his roles on the ABC’s TV series Rake, and Harrow – or his earlier performances on Underbelly, Water Rats, Young Lions and Mcleod’s Daughters to name a few. Damien’s renowned versatility means he has the ability to play a wide variety of characters.

So it’s not surprising to learn the experienced performer is regularly cast to voice national TV commercials, like the new spots released for Volkswagen’s Amorok V6 Walkinshaw Series.

During ad breaks, you might also hear Damien as the voice behind the Oz Lotto commercials.

In recent times Damien has been keeping busy filming “Troppo” for the ABC, in the role of Roy Gilpin, a North Queensland CEO of a Deep Sea Mineral Mining Company. He was also cast in Peacock’s production of Joe Vs Carole – playing the dubious Doc Antle. 

Damien is currently appearing as The British East India Company’s, Director Crawley, in Disney’s “Nautilus”, a ten-part television series about the origin of Captain Nemo.

It’s been such an eventful year he says his head hurts. But the show must go on!

TALENT: Damien Garvey

Damien Garvey’s versatility, both vocally and visually, is reflected in the range of roles he is sought after for our screens. His showreel shows him as an American Governor, Senior Detective Sergeant at Queensland Police, an unassuming Pub Owner in a lower class Melbourne suburb, a bitter, broken fisherman taking refuge in the bottle, not to mention a corrupt high flying federal politician. As an award-winning actor, Damien always finds the right pitch for each character, as he does for every voice over read, from the softly spoken to the hard sell, from the comedic to the sensitive.

TALENT: Damien Garvey


With over a decade’s experience in various successful long-running retail campaigns as the “voice of the Aussie bloke”, Damien Garvey is enjoying a change of vocal pace. Displaying his versatility crafted from years in studios behind the mic, Damien’s natural rich tone has recently been lent to campaigns such as this spot for Freedom Aged Care, produced at 3P Studio with Haley Stibbard.

Damien considers himself lucky to live in Brisbane, “the best city in the world”, from where he bases his work as voiceover artist and actor. He’s on screen now in ABC’s Harrow, is returning in TV favourites Rake and Jack Irish, and will soon film roles in Rachel Griffiths’ feature film, Ride Like A Girl, as well as Hoodlum / Netflix’s series Tidelands.