TALENT: Hugh Parker

The versatile Hugh Parker is always pushing boundaries. 

The in-demand performer avoids being typecast by playing by his own rules.

So when the makers of  Powerball’s latest cinema and digital campaign went looking for someone who stands above the everyday, it’s little wonder why they settled on Hugh.

Hugh plays the Lord of the Manor in the series of spots, sitting beside his faithful companion – a peacock.

Hugh’s also recently wrapped narration for a ten part miniseries for Wild bear. Navigating the World will soon air on Channel 10.

And coming soon to Netflix is a new feature called Love is in The Air. In it you’ll see Hugh playing William Mitchell, a business tycoon.

Seeking a versatile performer for your next script? Get lucky.  Check out Hugh’s demo.

TALENT: Hugh Parker

The prodigiously talented Hugh Parker is always in demand.

Lately, he’s been keeping very busy doing what he does best: acting, coaching, creating and voicing all manner of interesting announcements.

The Queensland Ballet realised Hugh’s talent. They weren’t quite sold on his sauter, however their chairs did turn when they heard his voice; inviting him to narrate their recent interpretation of the classic tale, Peter and the Wolf.

Hugh’s also been the voice of the Mentoring section for Nexefy Training Solutions, before being asked to be involved in developing and recording a podcast series pilot for Unless Pictures.

What’s more, Hugh’s been busy filming “Syb and the Myth” by Georgia Temple. Shot in Brisbane, Hugh’s role sees him play a revered novelist desperate to write his legacy book.

Further still, he’s been playing a National Party politician in the 1980’s set “In Our Blood” with Hoodlum Films.

And if that’s not enough, Hugh’s been successfully coaching students for drama school auditions and script writing for corporate marketing material.

Hugh’s a busy boy?

You bet.

Seeking a versatile performer for your next script? Check out Hugh’s demo.

TALENT: Hugh Parker


Versatile Brisbane actor, Hugh Parker has been having fun lately. The prodigious homegrown talent has been plying his trade in the movies, on the stage and on the web!

Local Queensland video production company, Hired Goons appreciate his gifts. They recently entrusted Hugh’s subtle skills to ham it up for a little self-promotion piece they produced.

Earlier in the year Hugh took part in a Queensland Theatre Play Club Zoom reading – where he played Roland Henning in Toy Symphony by Michael Gow.

And more recently, he’s been filming scenes on the new Elvis movie due to wrap on the Gold Coast later this month.

Hugh has quite the repertoire.

To demonstrate Hugh’s versatility, have a listen to his read below for “Come Home to Kirra” (below). It’s certainly a change of pace.

Like to hear more from Hugh? Check out his demo now.

Come to Home Kirra

TALENT: Hugh Parker

Hugh Parker’s certainly not one to be type cast. In fact, in recent times the versatile actor’s been in high demand for a wide range of roles.

He’s currently rehearsing with Opera Queensland for a production of The Merry Widow. It’s a straight acting role, however, he does get to sing a song in Act Three.

Meanwhile, you may have heard him as the voice the Brisbane Racing Carnival.

In between gigs Hugh got down and dirty in an audition to play a Tiger Moth (below) and a cockroach named Geoff (above) in a future animated series.

Later in the year, Hugh will be working on “Lysa and the Freeborn Dames” for La Boite Theatre and a role in ABC’s Rosehaven. He’s a busy boy.

TALENT: Hugh Parker


In a beachside tourist town, the body of a fifteen-year-old girl is found in a cane field. Her murder is a mystery that envelops the community as those close to the girl grapple with death, in all its senselessness.

If you find the synopsis for Emily Avilia’s short film “In a Canefield” evocative, you’ll find Hugh Parker’s narration and perfomance as the crime scene investigator worthy of a closer look (CLICK HERE).