TALENT: Michael Goldman

BrisVO original, Michael Goldman was recently thrown a drop-everyting-instant-voiceover challenge. Unfortunately for him, he was on a Citycat cruising into Brisbane at the time. Lucky he’s a man that thrives under pressure. How do you think he did?

If you reckon he’s the voice for your next gig, get in contact. He’s got his own studio you know, or he could use yours. He definitely wont need to dial in from a boat.

Hear more from Mike here.

TALENT: Michael Goldman

Michael Goldman has been putting his voice to good use for three decades. Based in Brisbane, the veteran performer has been heard on screens and airwaves across the country and around the world.

You might remember him as from his days on Big Brother, Meerkat Manor… or a mountain of work he’s done for Amart All Sports, Dreamworld, KFC, Toyota and more.

Lately he’s been working on The Wilds for Amazon Prime, Wentworth for Foxtel, and a movie called Monsters of Man directed by Mark Toia. The understated artist has a couple of new demo reels.

Check them out here.