TALENT: Mikee Joaquin

Mikee Joaquin has loads of creative flair. After making his home in Brisbane from the US, the colourful performer has developed quite a niche.

Mikee’s unique and quirky style was recently required to voice a series of e-learning videos for both Crayola and Colgate-Palmolive. While his natural rhythm and ability to move has been called upon to play the part of Dipsy… yes, the green Teletubby! His performance even made the news… watch his clips below.

And if you’re looking for an all round professional talent that’s a little left of centre, think creative. Get in touch with Mikee.

Mikee makes news headlines

Mikee's feeling Dipsy

TALENT: Mikee Joaquin

Talented BrisVO artist Mikee Joaquin has been in high demand of late. The quirky and energetic artist has been rushing between studio and stage sessions all over the shop. To say his life’s a blur would be selling it short, tbh his world can be better described as completely Dipsy. Eh-oh! 

Mikee’s been hamming it up as one of the celebrated cast selected for the CGI reboot of the internationally acclaimed Teletubbies series. Playing the role of Dipsy – the green one, his genuine enthusiasm, wild exuberance and playful personality is perfectly cast. 

You can catch the new series, “Teletubbies Let’s Go” here.  There’s a new episode every week. 

Further to his performance in the Teletubbies, Mikee’s been working on a feature film and TV series which is currently under production, and he’s also voicing a character for an up coming new video game that will be released soon. 

Need more proof of Mikee’s natural talent? 

He was a featured actor and dancer in Opera Queensland’s latest production of La Triviatta. And more recently he’s tried his hand at some stand-up comedy. 

Bravo Mikee.

Mikee does stand-up


While the world has been in lockdown the brisVO collective has been working overtime on its A-Game. And now, the home of Brisbane’s hottest voice talent is very excited to welcome seven new faces to the fold. Fresh, distinctive, versatile… and ever so talented, the new mix of voices give agencies, production houses and creative hubs even greater choice and possibliities than ever before.

So if those voices in your head are telling you to “be the best you can be“, there’s never been a better time to turn to brisVO to bring your script to life.

Check out our new crop of voices (in no particular order):

CINDY DONATO – The girl next door with a modern vibe.

BRIE JURSS – Bursting with energy and kindness.

JENNIFER MARY – A youthful innocence with a worldly quality.

JACQUI McLAREN – Naturally energetic yet vibrantly engaging.

DIGBY GILLINGS – Empathetic, convincing, confident and friendly.

MARCUS OBORN – Deep, warm and authoritative, with a resonant tone.

MIKEE JOAQUIN – Versatile and genuine with infectious enthusiam.

Be sure to listen to their demos.