TALENT: Rebecca Frith


PRODUCTION: Light + Shade

It’s a tribal chant synonymous with passionate league supporters north of the Tweed.

It’s a war cry that brings the Sunshine State together.

It’s a word that will inspire the mighty Maroon woman’s State of Origin team this year when they tackle the Blues:


Seasoned performer Rebecca Frith was more than ready to lead the call as part of the Queensland Goverement’s greater Health and Wellbeing initiative.

The local voice actor was cast by the creative guns at BCM – another decorated team with a healthy understanding of all things Queensland!

The film was crafted by the talented crew at Light + Shade, with the audio beautifully polished by Ross Batten at RosscoAudio

To hear more, listen to Rebecca’s demos here

TALENT: Rebecca Frith


Respected Brisbane-based actor and voice professional, Rebecca Frith, knows just the right performance for any commercial situation. You could say she performs and takes direction like a well-oiled machine; which was precisely the quality the makers of Wellgrove Olive Leaf Extract were looking for their latest TVC. The talented Justin Lyons and Frazer Bailey from PlayTV were summoned to bring the spot life, while the ever-reliable Rosco Batten at Rosco Audio made it all sound sweet.

TALENT: Rebecca Frith
AGENCY: Ogilvy

Rebecca says: “I genuinely LOVE the voice over work I’m cast for. I work with a lot of truly brilliant people who put their heart and soul into these little 30 second pieces. I noticed in this smoke alarm ad that the setting looked like Lars Von Tiers’ stage setting in ‘Dogville’. How interesting. Andy Warhol took advertisements and made it Pop Art and ad agency creative teams sometimes take art and turn it into an advertisement!

This campaign for smoke alarms was created by the brilliant SIMON BUDZEVSKI, Senior Art Director at Ogilvy whom I had not met until this voice over gig. The brief was to let Queenslanders know that housefire fatalities have dramatically risen over the years, in most part due to inadequate older smoke alarms. He says: “The commercial is a simple visual demonstration of the difference these new alarms can make, but stripping the simplicity of the execution back to its essence: the floorpan of a typical house, a family, and smoke alarms.””