TALENT: Ross Newth

You may not recognise his face, but there’s something very familiar about Ross Newth.

Is it the voice of NINE News Brisbane and the Gold Coast promos that rings a bell? Perhaps it’s the imaging voice for 4BC.

Maybe it’s voice of the COVID 19 Commercials heard nationally throughout the height of the epidemic that comes to mind? Or is it that voice that guided you through the last e-learning thing you did online?

There’s no escaping the voice of Ross Newth. He’s very much part of the fabric of SE QLD. In fact, you can’t even board a train in Brisbane without Ross letting you know what station you’re departing.

For over 40 years, Ross has stood relatively anonymously behind the microphone, using his voice to inform, advise, sell and surmise.

So, what would happen if that voice and the person behind it was exposed in front of a live audience?

We’ll let the video do the talking. Hit play.

To hear more from Ross, check out his demo.

TALENT: Ross Newth

PRODUCTION: 3p Studios

AGENCY: Carbon Creative

When the Government needed a voice for their COVID-19 Booster reminders, Ross Newth’s reassuring tone was just the shot in the arm they were looking for.

A prolific BrisVO voice performer, Ross was called up to voice a string of messages.

The campaign was created by the talented crew at Carbon Creative and was broadcast across TV, Radio, Online as well as the government’s social channels.

The spots were produced by 3p Studios.

To hear more from Ross, check out his demo.

TALENT: Ross Newth

PRODUCTION: Josh Newth, Freelance Audio/Sound Designer

Back in 2015 Ross Newth’s son Josh asked if Ross could voice the part of ‘Narrator Man’ for a Three Little Pigs audio story he was creating for his daughter, Tess.

As one of Brisbane’s most accomplished voice talents, and a doting grandfather, Ross jumped at the chance.

Tess enjoyed listening to the recording so much Josh created four more audio stories and called them ‘Tess’s Tales’. However, it was very soon after that Ross’s grandson Olly came along, and he too began listening in. Tess’s Tales would ultimately morph into the family’s Fun Fables.

Word of the recordings grew. Josh began playing these stories to family and friends with overwhelming positive feedback. And, in 2020, Josh decided to release them as a podcast.

Each week the podcast expanded. Five episodes became ten, then ten became fifteen. And now, with hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, there is a new Fun Fables episode released each week.

Fun Fables has now hit well over one million downloads. In fact the podcast is so popular it has its own website where visitors can access each episode and purchase special Fun Fables merchandise.

The stories are beautifully written and have a positive moral theme for the kids and Mums and Dads to think about. And there’s always plenty of fun and some modern-day twists on the old traditional stories.

From Ross’s point of view, the project has given him so much joy. He’s quite fond of his new moniker too: the ‘Narrator Man.

To learn more about Fun Fables, visit www.funfablespodcast.com

To hear more from Ross, check out his demo.

TALENT: Ross Newth


Ross Newth has had another big month with his voice heard all over Queensland.

You may have recognised him throughout the day when you turned on the telly. Ross voices the daily promos for the Channel Nine News.

Or you may have seen or heard the TV and radio spots he recorded for CQ Univesitiy. This campaign was produced at the Voice Plant and created by Jeff, Michelle and the creative team from Nick. These ads are all over the internet too.

And if you’re a Brisbane train commuter, you’ve got Ross to thank for letting you know when it’s your stop. Yep, that’s his voice you hear over the Queensland Rail network.

There’s no escaping Ross Newth. He’s everywhere.

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