TALENT: Sarah Kennedy

Sarah Kennedy is one of Brisbane’s most prolific voice artists. The in-demand performer is regularly cast for diverse range of corporate and commercial assignments.

Often recording from her own well-equipped home sound studio and linking through Source Connect to studios based all over the country and around the world, Sarah likes to keep her acting and voiceover skills sharp by taking regular workshops and classes with respected coaches such as Lisa Biggs, Marc Preston, Everitt Oliver and Australia’s own Tavern of voices.

Earlier in the year, Sarah was cast to record a 10 hour audio book called “The Sister’s Gift” for Penguin Random House, while her voice can be heard on a number of well-know video games.

You’re listening to her Video Game Voice Acting Demo now.

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TALENT: Sarah Kennedy


Prolific Brisbane voice artist, Sarah Kennedy likes to keep life interesting. Seems no two days are ever quite the same. In the last little while, she’s been playing an intergalactic martial arts master in an internationally produced animated tv series; she’s created a radio spot for a NSW architectural and building firm; voiced an animated landing page for a Victorian creative agency; and helped out Publicis with a new campaign for Personalised Plates Queensland recorded by the guys at Voice Plant.

In between sessions, she’s also been busy playing the lead character in a groundbreaking single player action-espionage spy and stealth VR game that launching later in the year!

Oh, and did I mention she’s a mum of three!

Sarah hops on a Scooter

Sarah feels at home with Aspect Z

TALENT: Sarah Kennedy

AGENCY: Publicis Mojo

PRODUCTION: Cutting Edge

While it seemed most of the working world was succumbing to the winter lurgy, Brisbane voice actor Sarah Kennedy was stepping up to the microphone, clearing her throat, and delivering some sage advice – courtesy of Bisolvon Chesty Forte. Granted the read was scripted for a TVC conceived by the creative guys at Publiscis Mojo but her read proved just the tonic. The sound was recorded at Cutting Edge.

TALENT: Sarah Kennedy

PRODUCTION: Sherpa Projects

When household name brand, OMO, launched their Ecoactive washing powder they needed a clean voice that could cut through the clutter and deliver a sparkling performance.

Enter Sarah Kennedy. As a busy mother of three, it didn’t take Sarah long to get into character. In fact, she mucked right in. She even recorded the read in her own home studio.

TALENT: Sarah Kennedy


PRODUCTION: Cutting Edge

Prolific Brisbane voice professional, Sarah Kennedy, sounds seriously super in a series of radio commercials produced for Queensland-based superannuation fund, Q Super.

The spots were conceived by the creative folk at GPYR, while the deft hands of the Cutting Edge audio gurus crafted production.