TALENT: Tom Murray


In between commercial voice sessions, talented BrisVO voice artist Tom Murray has been producing a podcast series for Ipswich Libraries.

The series, called “Stories for little Queenslanders’, involved Tom visiting a number of Ipswich primary schools to record grade 6 children reading selected stories written by local Queenslanders and published by the state library of Queensland.

The initiative is aimed at promoting literacy in children 0-5. It’s fun, rewarding and educational… and good for community.

You’ll hear Tom’s voice providing the introduction and signoff.

TALENT: Tom Murray

When national gym franchise Fitstop decided to give their brand message a workout during the Super Bowl 2022 coverage, they knew Tom Murray was in the perfect shape to help give them a lift.

No nonsense, assertive and straight down to business. Tom really beasted it up.

TALENT: Tom Murray

Summer’s just around the corner and our beaches are opening up again. And with a couple of attacks making the news headlines recently, the Queensland Government has implemented a timely SharkSmart program.

The SharkSmart campaign features a series of online TV ads, each of which has been voiced by the very capable Tom Murray. Tom’s reads blend the perfect mix of authority and clarity with a hint of a Queensland smile. Smart choice, Queensland.

Have a buddy

Avoid dawn or dusk

Reduce risk

Fish waste and food scraps

Swim in clear water

TALENT: Tom Murray

PRODUCTION: Nick and Tom, Nova Breaksfast Show

BrisVo newcomer, Tom Murray, co-hosts a Sunday Breakfast show on Nova with Nick Allen-Ducat. Proving that life’s not all fun and games on weekend radio, the pair were instrumental in piecing together this hard-hitting fast food expose. Warning, some scenes may make you hungry.