TALENT: Todd Levi

Todd Levi loves to escape the city life when he can. He’s even got himself a few acres in the Northern Rivers Hinterland he often retires to. Modern living gives him the flexibility to work remotely. So when he gets the call to do a milk run for Dairy Farmers, or perhaps something more sales-sy for another brand, he can do it wherever he lays his hat.

The ag thing really agrees with Todd. Sure you might recall him as the voice of Supercheap Autos, or Dominos Pizzas, or hundreds of other ads. But if you listen really carefully to the advertising landscape you might often hear his voice calling you back to the farm. 

Todd plants an idea with RCS

TALENT: Todd Levi

PRODUCTION: Tourism Media

This spot is one of a series of web TVCs Todd Levi has voiced for Norfolk Island through Brisbane based global content provider Tourism Media. Created during the pandemic, even in those ‘unusual times’ the campaign saw the visitor demographic broaden and numbers treble.

The power of positive speaking.

TALENT: Todd Levi

AGENCY: Elevencom


Big. Epic. Super supreme. Todd Levi dialled up the perfect balance of persuasion and performance for Domino’s latest spot.

Other key ingredients included:

Agency: Elevencom

Creative Director: Jono McCauley

Director: Jono Nyquist

Prod: Taxi Film Production

VFX and T-Rex training: Alt VFX

VFX Supervisor: Andrew Hellen

Sound Design: Stevie-Leigh Batiste, Sounds Like Butter

TALENT: Todd Levi

AGENCY: GrowthOps

PRODUCTION: First Floor Films

Smooth, creamy, natural and full of goodness. Yes Todd Levi’s wholesome read for Dairy Farmers ticks a lot of boxes.

But Todd can’t take all the credit.

Client: Lion Dairy & Drinks (Dairy Farmers)

Agency: AJF GrowthOps

• Executive Creative Director: Adam Francis
• Senior Art Director: Ed Carveth
• Senior Copywriter: Brent Liebenberg
• Senior Copywriter: John Bryant
• Strategy Director: Jill Cummins
• Group Account Director: Xavier Hogan
• Senior Account Manager: Nina Roslan
• Account Manager: Megan Hicks
• Production: Ilona Phyland

Production Company: First Floor Films

TALENT: Todd Levi

AGENCY: Donor Republic

PRODUCTION: Alt VFX / Sounds Like Butter

MS were calling out for a hero; a heroic voice to champion their popular MS Readathon Heroes program. Their dynamic agency, Donor Republic knew the super Todd Levi was up to the challenge.

The action-packed spot was produced at Alt VFX, with Harry Gold charged with task of bringing the animation to life. Senior Producer Celeste Fairlie pulled all the strings, while Sounds Like Butter’s master sound engineer, Stevie Leigh Batiste dialled up another masterful performance behind the mixing desk.

TALENT: Todd Levi

Lefty, greenies, pinko, fact based nonsense – as told by BrisVO’s very real Todd Levi, and Ralph Scott.

The reality is, if you need a spokesperson to spruik your brand/product/service/event/issue… the multi talented Mr Levi is worth talking to. Or if you just want to listen, check out the podcast: https://www.thereality.wtf/

TALENT: Todd Levi

If infectious enthusiasm, performance and versatility were pizza toppings, popular BrisVO voice guy, Todd Levi, would be a Super Supreme with extra anchovies and an added layer of pineapple.

No wonder the creative crew behind the epic Domino’s “No Charge” TV spot put him on their order.

So did he deliver? You bet.

Hot and tasty… and easy on the cheese.

TALENT: Todd Levi

Todd Levi’s voice has been in storage. He packed it up, shifted it to corner of the sound booth and then carefully let it do what was always meant to do; spruik a friendly, natural, bloke-next-door message. The guys at National Storage were delighted.

Todd’s voice has been in lots of other places too. He’s quite versatile that way. Hit him up for your next gig.

TALENT: Todd Levi

Over the years veteran voice actor, Todd Levi, has been asked to loan his voice to all manner of products. No job too off the wall for Mr Levi; he has a colourful history. So when Ballantyne Chocolates wanted to go ‘Ye Olde style’ in tone for an historically flavoured radio spot, they knew who to call.

Todd’s also been busy helping Dominoes and Difflam too. It’s been a busy quarter. Check out these TV spots below.


Get ready to rumble

TALENT: Todd Levi

You can get it spruiking retail; you can get it playing it corporate; you can get it being that movie trailer guy. Matter of fact, Todd’s got it now. He’s quite the performer that Mr Levi. And he certainly deserved a good cold beer after voicing these cheeky little spots for VB.

TALENT: Todd Levi


Todd Levi’s piping-fresh 2018 Video Voice Over Reel… a booming treat for the ears AND the eyeballs!