TALENT: Walter Williams

With Anzac Day coming up on April 25 Walter Williams reflects on one his proudest Voice Over projects of 2020, when he was asked by RSL Queensland to be the “Voice of God” (as it’s known in the business for live announcements) to commorate the 75th Anniversary of VP Day.

A five and a half minute short animation was projected onto Brisbane City Hall, in Adelaide Street.

Thousands of locals and tourists gathered in the cold of a Brisbane Winter in King George Square rugged up to watch the screening every night from Monday, August 10 to Friday, 14th from 6pm till 8pm every five minutes.

The presentation included a roll of honour for our World War 2 Veterans, plus archive footage and audio from the era.

It was quite a moving event.

As William Faulkner, wrote in “Requiem for a Nun”, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”

Walter’s narration was recorded in his own Broadcast Quality Studio on a Neumann TLM 49 microphone with a digital signal chain of Solid State Logic 2 Plus audio Interface using 4K, Mogami Gold Cables, TwistedWave DAW and edited on iMac27, through Fostex Monitors. That’s tech-talk for great recording gear.

The final mix and post production was handled by NW Groups’ Spyglass who’ve been helping create unforgettable events around the world for as long as Walter has been talking to himself in padded booths.

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TALENT: Walter Williams

PRODUCTION: Rolo Voice Productions

Like all his BrisVO counterparts, Walter Williams has adapted his home recording studio to remotely output professional voice tracks on demand. Smart WFH studios like Walt’s means the production of high quality commercials can continue without compromise. In fact, home studios add an extra layer of conveniece for everyone.

No greater testament to this was Walt’s performance for a national TV and Radio Campaign for rolled out for Yamaha Australia.

Walt voiced the spot from his Ultrafonic soundproof vocal booth through his Rode NTG3 Shotgun (or “Hollywood” microphone) and into a TwistedWave DAW on his iMac27. His raw mix was then uploaded to the cloud ready for the post production house to collect and add their final embellishments.

And all this unfolded while the agency, production company director, and the happy client checked-in to supervise via Skpye.

It is the new normal.

TALENT: Walter Williams

PRODUCTION: Luke Ayers Media

Locked away in his home-based sound proof booth, talking into a Neumann TLM 49 microphone, you’d excuse Walter Williams if he seemed a little cray cray. But nothing could be further from the truth for this local voice professional. In fact, you could say Walter Williams thrives with cabin fever.

Every day, Walter makes magic happen in his padded booth… as evidenced by this corporate video produced recently for professional research and property investment agency, Meridian Australia.

Meridian’s video has already enjoyed more than 600 views on YouTube… plus one more, thanks to you.

TALENT: Walter Williams

PRODUCTION: Walter Williams

Nothing says ‘Australia’ like the Sydney Opera House. And nothing celebrates the spirit of Australian innovation like a Bausele watch.

So when it came to this corporate video narration for the uniquely Australian time piece, Walter Williams gave it the respect it deserves with a classy, sophisticated professional and iconic read.

Recorded in his own in-house studio, Walter rigged his trusty Rode NTG3 shotgun mic on Mogami Gold cable into a PreSonus Studio 2/6 audio interface on his iMac 27 using a TwistedWave DAW.

You might think that sounds a little technical… but listening carefully to the audio and you’ll hear it’s as crisp as freshly starched cotton shirt. And the audio recording needed very little processing!

While we’re getting technical, the name “Bausele” is an acronym for Beyond AUStralian ELEments, that’s because each watch contains elements of Australia in their stunning design.

Take the time to enjoy.