Teresa Lim speaks in tongues

TALENT: Teresa Lim

AGENCY: Various


It’s been a cracking start to 2019 for the newest addition to BrisVO, Teresa Lim. This bilingual pun-loving Brissie mum of 3 cheeky monkeys lives in the Centenary suburbs, and is seen and heard on work all over Australia and around the world.

She’s a busy girl!

Coming into her 3rd year as the network voice for Cartoon Network and Boomerang TV, she’s been voicing fun new promos for My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls and BFF’s (how’s that for a tongue twister?!)

She’s also just finished voicing in Mandarin a children’s education toy being produced from New York, as well as the TV spot featured here for Brown Brother’s.

And if that’s not enough, Teresa is currently featured acting in 6 national TVCs including Cadbury Masterchef, Vodafone, Samsung, Fraser’s Property and has just finished shooting the new global campaign for Jacob’s Creek Wines.

She’s a hard lady to keep up with. But if you’d like to keep pace with Teresa, hook up on insta @teresalimstudios where she blogs her work journey, mostly in story and even more, in pun!