Thom nails his parts

Award-winning actor, voice artist and arts educator, the versatile Thomas Larkin is no stranger to being asked to play a diverse mix of roles.

Currently kitting-up to play an Australian Rules footballer in Melbourne Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre’s co-production 37, Thom can also be seen in Bad Ancestors, a Fresh Blood project for ABC.

37 follows a local footy team who have spent so long at the bottom of the ladder they might as well be welded to it. This year a new hope arrives: the Marngrook cousins. Named after the Aboriginal game that inspired AFL, they’re match fit to bring home the team’s first flag in forever.

Set within the era of AFL legend’s Adam Goodes’s war cry – and named for the number he immortalised – 37 asks Thom and nine other actors to throw themselves into this world of blood and sweat to get at the values that drive a national obsession. Community, identity, the price of winning and the meaning of a goal: they’re all up for grabs.

Meanwhile, Bad Ancestors is an empowering comedy trilogy that sees best friends Nora and Charli spending their afterlife providing ancestral guidance to young black people. Thom plays the role of Plum Sigmund. See the trailer below.

ABC have rolled out all 3 episodes on the ABC TV Youtube channel.

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Designer Gwyn Dixon / @meeks_animates
Photographer Hameed Akinwande @harmeeyd_photo