Walter’s timing is perfect

TALENT: Walter Williams

PRODUCTION: Walter Williams

Nothing says ‘Australia’ like the Sydney Opera House. And nothing celebrates the spirit of Australian innovation like a Bausele watch.

So when it came to this corporate video narration for the uniquely Australian time piece, Walter Williams gave it the respect it deserves with a classy, sophisticated professional and iconic read.

Recorded in his own in-house studio, Walter rigged his trusty Rode NTG3 shotgun mic on Mogami Gold cable into a PreSonus Studio 2/6 audio interface on his iMac 27 using a TwistedWave DAW.

You might think that sounds a little technical… but listening carefully to the audio and you’ll hear it’s as crisp as freshly starched cotton shirt. And the audio recording needed very little processing!

While we’re getting technical, the name “Bausele” is an acronym for Beyond AUStralian ELEments, that’s because each watch contains elements of Australia in their stunning design.

Take the time to enjoy.