Yellooooow Tony Byrne

TALENT: Tony Byrne

WRITER: Tony Byrne


Tony Byrne loves his work. And when he’s having fun, it seems everyone at Southern Cross Austero Brisbane has fun with him. 

Yellow Couriers threw him a curly challenge recently. “We want everyone singing our praises” – their brief was clear and simple.

It got Tony’s creative juices flowing. 

He sat at his desk and penned a little ditty. Then he and his SCA Brisbane producer, Andrew Fritsch, hit the studio. While Tony did the bulk of the heavy lifting behind the mic, Andrew chimed in as his backup singer.

It wasn’t long before the whole floor at the open plan office started singing along.


Tony ticked off two personal achievements that day: writing and performing a performing a catchy tune that gets into your head, and, getting the word “Fugly” into a commercial.