Have you heard?

Geoff Gordon’s Sounding Healthy

Geoff has been doing voices for more than 30 years, no wonder he looks tired!! He’s been the voice of Inner Health Plus for a number of years, not the little blue guy, but the main voice. The campaign has been so big, there are people on youtube trying to impersonate the tag line by sucking helium.

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Todd Levi, where for art thou?

Todd Levi is now wintering on his tree farm in the border ranges,10k south of the Queensland border. Over the next couple of months he’ll be working in the farm studio via Skype, on the tractor and in Brisbane for the odd gig before heading to Melbourne to start work on his summer project; the third annual ‘site specific, rock and roll Shakespeare’ on the Maribrynong River with the Sly Rat Theatre Co.

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Why Wait to Make Great?

Leon Murray has been in high demand for the newly-monikered Y&R ANZ group, voicing a multi-platform, wide-reaching MID YEAR INTAKE campaign for TAFE Queensland. Leon’s gruff, resolute vocals (this is the voice of Big Brother, after all) proved pivotal to a lively collection of 15 & 30-sec TV & Radio spots – titled “Why Wait to Make Great?” – that rolled out across television, cinema, online, billboard, radio, outdoor and Spotify..

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