Let Todd demonstrate for you

TALENT: Todd MacDonald

After six years running La Boite Theatre Company as CEO and Artistic Director, then leading and programming Arts and Culture teams in city council and human services sectors, Todd MacDonald has returned to full-time voice over and acting work, with some new headshots to boot!

Todd brings 25 years of knowledge to his work, intertwining the threads from his diverse Arts career with insights gleaned from the human services and government sector. This unique blend allows him to infuse authenticity, and attention to detail, into every project, creating a dynamic connection with clients in corporate and commercial domains.

He has also done a tonne of non-commercial and narrative work – “I found having worked in these sectors and as an arts leader and executive trainer, really helps my VO work – I can connect well with corporate and commercial reads because I get what the client is after!  It’s been exciting to get back into studios and great fun setting up my home-studio. Now that I have time to lean into my voice work, I’m really interested in doing more into character jobs and audio books, so hit me up if you’re looking for a new voice.”