LJ, the Birdie, and the Virus

TALENT: Lisa-Jane Stockwell

AGENCY: Bright Yellow Agency

PRODUCTION: Sound: Brett Johnson

‘Birdie and the Virus’ is part of the Birdie’s Tree storybook series developed by Children’s Health Queensland through the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health.

It’s quite a timely message too.

To get into character, experienced Brisbane voice performer, LJ Stockewell, made sure she dialled up the “Play-School” vibe.

Written by Andrea Baldwin and Illustrated by Anil Tortop, Birdie and the Virus was produced for Children’s Health Queensland by Bright Yellow Agency.

LJ recorded her voice component from her home recording studio before pinging off an MP3 to Brett Johnson for him to work his sound production magic.

And it was magic because LJ had to make up the song before Brett put music under it. Tricky!

Both the client and agency were delighted.