TALENT: Elise Greig

Evergreen performer Elise Greig has been busy behind the mic, in front of the camera, and on the stage of late. A BrisVO stalwart, Elise is renowned for her polish and versatility; a trait that sees her cast in a variety of roles.

Recently, Elise filmed a terrific ad campaign for Living Gems with the fabulous folk at Theola. She then jumped in a boat and appeared in White China for Playlab Theatre at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Always enthusiastic and highly professional, Elise loves nothing more than interpreting a script and bringing it to life. Well, she loves her husband and kids too, but you get what we mean. If you’re looking for excellent, reliable and warm, look no further.

And did we mention she also has a professional home studio?

Check out Elise’s demos here.

TALENT: Elise Greig

The uber-talented Elise Greig has been super active of late celebrating all things 80s as part of The Clints Come Again Reunion Cabaret.

Along the way she’s been keeping very busy voicing spots for everything from Telstra to Terry White, Black and White Cabs to Brisbane City Council and Covid to Flu Vax. 

Elise is renown for her versatility (as demonstrated in her character and accents reel), and she’s always ready to tackle the next assignment. She has a brilliant professional studio on her property in the picturesque Tamborine Mountain or she can come to you in Brisbane, Sydney and beyond!

TALENT: Elise Grieg

A singing pelican? Why not? Over the years, versatile Brisbane voice actor, Elise Greig has been asked to lend her considerable vocal talent to all types of characters. It’s all in a day’s work. The audio for this commercial for Seaworld’s new baby polar bear (also featuring the voice of BrisVo associate, Leon Murray), was creatively constructed at Rosco Audio by Ross Batten.

TALENT: Elise Grieg

Kalynda Chase is a new property development in Townsville. It’s where people connect with a quality life… and listeners will hear the warm reassuring timbre of Elise Grieg’s reads for a series of local television commercials.

TALENT: Tony Byrne and Elise Grieg

Professional voice actors, Tony Bryne, Elise Grieg and their talented daughter, Finley were recently asked to add their vocal talents to four Aussie episodes of the internationally acclaimed childrens’ cartoon, Peppa Pig. The trio were cast to play the Kangaroo Family, leading Peppa Pig on a trail of adventures to the beach, outback and the Great Barrier Reef.

The family appeared on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show to discuss their roles.