Award-winning actor, voice artist and arts educator, the versatile Thomas Larkin is no stranger to being asked to play a diverse mix of roles.

Currently kitting-up to play an Australian Rules footballer in Melbourne Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre’s co-production 37, Thom can also be seen in Bad Ancestors, a Fresh Blood project for ABC.

37 follows a local footy team who have spent so long at the bottom of the ladder they might as well be welded to it. This year a new hope arrives: the Marngrook cousins. Named after the Aboriginal game that inspired AFL, they’re match fit to bring home the team’s first flag in forever.

Set within the era of AFL legend’s Adam Goodes’s war cry – and named for the number he immortalised – 37 asks Thom and nine other actors to throw themselves into this world of blood and sweat to get at the values that drive a national obsession. Community, identity, the price of winning and the meaning of a goal: they’re all up for grabs.

Meanwhile, Bad Ancestors is an empowering comedy trilogy that sees best friends Nora and Charli spending their afterlife providing ancestral guidance to young black people. Thom plays the role of Plum Sigmund. See the trailer below.

ABC have rolled out all 3 episodes on the ABC TV Youtube channel.

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TALENT: Thomas Larkin

A seasoned and versatile artist, Thomas Larkin’s screen credits include Baz Lurhmann’s biopic ELVIS (2022) and animated feature film Combat Wombat (2022), where he performed opposite Deborah Mailman as the voice of Chief Furbank.
You can also catch Thom on the SBS On Demand series Homecoming Queens (2018), television series Darby & Joan (2022) and Nickelodeon’s Rock Island Mysteries (2022).
It’s been a busy period for Thom, balancing stage and film projects locally and overseas having recently returned home from shooting a film in Florence – slated for release in 2023.
With a broad vocal range, Thom is regularly cast for characters in animation, video games, and commercial voiceovers. You will also hear him narrating audiobooks and documentaries – most recently, a kids well-being app for a project called PodSquad.

Hear more from Thomas Larkin now. Check out his demos and keep him in mind for your next script.


Combat Wombat



TALENT: Thom Larkin


CLIENT: Carers Queensland

The talented Thomas Larkin was recently asked to lend his voice to a web advertisement and TVC was created for Carers Queensland, an organisation that helps connect people with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The brief called for warm, caring voice that would underline the essential work Carers Queensland do, and attract the right type of applicants for their Local Area Coordinator role.

The production was created by Stranger Films, directed by Tony Walsh with cinematographer Brian Loewe. 

Thom’s proven versatility has landed him a number of exciting opportunities recently, including a role in the national 3D animated feature, Combat Wombat. 

Thom was cast to play the character of Chief Furbank.

The animated superhero feature was directed by Richard Cussó and written by Matthew James Kinmonth.

The family friendly production premiered at the Brisbane International Film Festival before being released in Australian theatres.



TALENT: Thom Larkin

Brisbane based actor, Thomas Larkin has been announced as the 2020 Brian Boak Outstanding Performer Bursary recipient.

Mr Larkin’s bursary of just over $17,000 will allow him to undertake a Masterclass Series of intimate coaching and mentorship in London, under the tutelage of exceptional, world renowned practitioners including Patsy Rodenburg (Head of Voice- Guildhall School of Music and Drama), Michael Attenborough (Director Emeritus- Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and Mel Churcher (Screen Acting Coach- London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).


Mr Larkin will also engage in a more informal program, shadowing a number of theatre directors in rehearsals to observe their processes and approaches to actor training.

Mr Larkin will utilise his learnings from the Masterclass Series to excel his growth as a performer as well as contribute to the arts landscape in Queensland.

Mr Larkin is no stranger to the Empire Theatre after working with the 2018 Senior IMPACT Ensemble as a creative collaborator on the stirring performance piece inspired by Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at Hanging Rock, Of Myths and Monoliths.

Mr Larkin said he was incredibly grateful for his selection as this year’s Brian Boak Bursary recipient, particularly during this time where growth and expansion in the arts is limited.

“When I originally applied for this bursary the world had never heard of COVID-19. Since then the Arts industry has been one of the hardest hit by this pandemic,” he said.

“It’s now looking increasingly likely that working in theatre or public performance won’t be possible for months to come, and many freelancers or self-employed artists like me face real uncertainty about if, how and when we will be able to continue to work.

“Programs like the Brian Boak Bursary mean that our career trajectories do not need to stall and that prior relationships artists have been growing with companies across the globe can continue.

“Moreover, it means that I have the chance to spend time in a country which is a leader in the Arts, as I have been encouraged by the UK’s pledge of monetary support to their arts industries as well as how they have imagined new ways of continuing to work and connect with audiences while also care-taking themselves operationally and emotionally.”

Mr Larkin plans to return to the Empire Theatre following the completion of the Masterclass Series to run a number of workshops for young performers based on his studies in London.

The Brian Boak Bursary is designed to provide support to a person wishing to pursue a program of study or professional development at a recognised university, specialist post-secondary institution or other centre of excellence in the areas of acting, dancing, singing or instrumental performance.

The Empire Theatres Foundation is proudly supported by Bernoth Properties, Dornbusch Partners, Downlands College, Heritage Bank, Greenridge Group, Horizon Accounting, The Chronicle, Glifford Gouldson Lawyers and Wearing Memories.

For more information regarding the Bursary and previous recipients, visit the Support Us page at

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TALENT: Thomas Larkin

Thomas Larkin is new to BrisVO but certainly not new to the world of professional voice over work. Over the years, he’s put in a lot of hard work. And it seems the harder he works, the luckier he gets. In fact, Tom recently won this job for Tatts Lotto.

You’d be lucky too if you got Tom reading your next script.