Viva Thomas Larkin

TALENT: Thomas Larkin

A seasoned and versatile artist, Thomas Larkin’s screen credits include Baz Lurhmann’s biopic ELVIS (2022) and animated feature film Combat Wombat (2022), where he performed opposite Deborah Mailman as the voice of Chief Furbank.
You can also catch Thom on the SBS On Demand series Homecoming Queens (2018), television series Darby & Joan (2022) and Nickelodeon’s Rock Island Mysteries (2022).
It’s been a busy period for Thom, balancing stage and film projects locally and overseas having recently returned home from shooting a film in Florence – slated for release in 2023.
With a broad vocal range, Thom is regularly cast for characters in animation, video games, and commercial voiceovers. You will also hear him narrating audiobooks and documentaries – most recently, a kids well-being app for a project called PodSquad.

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Combat Wombat