Walter’s Rode trip

TALENT: Walter Williams

PRODUCTION: Rolo Voice Productions

Like all his BrisVO counterparts, Walter Williams has adapted his home recording studio to remotely output professional voice tracks on demand. Smart WFH studios like Walt’s means the production of high quality commercials can continue without compromise. In fact, home studios add an extra layer of conveniece for everyone.

No greater testament to this was Walt’s performance for a national TV and Radio Campaign for rolled out for Yamaha Australia.

Walt voiced the spot from his Ultrafonic soundproof vocal booth through his Rode NTG3 Shotgun (or “Hollywood” microphone) and into a TwistedWave DAW on his iMac27. His raw mix was then uploaded to the cloud ready for the post production house to collect and add their final embellishments.

And all this unfolded while the agency, production company director, and the happy client checked-in to supervise via Skpye.

It is the new normal.