TALENT: Fotene Maroulis

Versatile BrisVo voice artist, Fotene Maroulis is always ready to bring her real world experience and considerable talent to the table. So when QUT needed a guiding voice to narrrate their pitch to new students seeking a tertiary education geared towards authentic work place challenges, it was no surprise they came knocking.

Fotene’s quite at home in the recording booth. A gifted singer, she has an impressive range. Pair that with her kind, genuine and all round happy nature, Fotene always has her client’s at the forefront and works hard to deliver nothing but the best.

TALENT: Tony Byrne

WRITER: Tony Byrne


Tony Byrne loves his work. And when he’s having fun, it seems everyone at Southern Cross Austero Brisbane has fun with him. 

Yellow Couriers threw him a curly challenge recently. “We want everyone singing our praises” – their brief was clear and simple.

It got Tony’s creative juices flowing. 

He sat at his desk and penned a little ditty. Then he and his SCA Brisbane producer, Andrew Fritsch, hit the studio. While Tony did the bulk of the heavy lifting behind the mic, Andrew chimed in as his backup singer.

It wasn’t long before the whole floor at the open plan office started singing along.


Tony ticked off two personal achievements that day: writing and performing a performing a catchy tune that gets into your head, and, getting the word “Fugly” into a commercial. 


TALENT: Jennifer Mary

AGENCY: Joy Agency

CLIENT: Fusion Health


Seasoned performer Jennifer Mary has a genuine knack for connecting with audiences. She has a natural ability for finding the right tone and voice to suit a script’s creative direction.

Her style is credible, authentic… relatable.

So when the Joy Agency went looking for the ideal voice to deliver their message for Fusion Health, they knew Jen was just what the herbal medico’s ordered.

TALENT: Elise Greig

Evergreen performer Elise Greig has been busy behind the mic, in front of the camera, and on the stage of late. A BrisVO stalwart, Elise is renowned for her polish and versatility; a trait that sees her cast in a variety of roles.

Recently, Elise filmed a terrific ad campaign for Living Gems with the fabulous folk at Theola. She then jumped in a boat and appeared in White China for Playlab Theatre at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Always enthusiastic and highly professional, Elise loves nothing more than interpreting a script and bringing it to life. Well, she loves her husband and kids too, but you get what we mean. If you’re looking for excellent, reliable and warm, look no further.

And did we mention she also has a professional home studio?

Check out Elise’s demos here.

TALENT: Sarah Kennedy

PRODUCTION: The Red Theatre

From day to day, busy mum Sarah Kennedy is typically recording a broad cross section of commercial messages. But as the world turns, her considerable expertise in telling stories is being put to wider use in the production of audio books and podcasts… including her latest project, ‘Dawn Falls’.

Dawn Falls is a supernatural murder mystery audio drama podcast produced by The Red Theatre. In it, Sarah plays the lead character, Private Investigator Audrey Barton.

Sarah recorded her performance in her home studio. The story was written by Katya Gladiatis and is available wherever you get your podcasts from including Audible and Spotify.

You can learn more about the three part murder mystery here.

TALENT: Liz Buchanan

Lactose intolerance is no joke. But gas is. Pauls’ national Zymil campaign has been renewed for its third year, and Liz is proud to be part of the dairy company’s fight to calm Aussie guts. This successful series of TVCs crescendos in a bubbly pool fart shared between a gorgeous couple. The question; was it him? Or was it her? Only Zymil has the answer.

Liz has long been the ‘go-to’ girl for professional voice work for a glittering portfolio of household names.

She continues her long standing voicing relationships with brands like Lite n’Easy and NRMA Parks and Resorts, while her recent work includes TVCs for Qld Treasury Dept, Telfast, Village Roadshow and Seaworld. And of course, she can keep it straight with an extensive list of clients for narration and e-learning. No fart jokes.

Hear more from Liz. Check out her demo here.

TALENT: Sharyn Doolan


Perennial BrisVO voice artist Sharyn Doolan always has a few projects up in the air. Lately she’s been doing a LOT of secret squirrel stuff for Governments of all flavours.

From new airport designs, audio books for the Defence Force, and delving into history narrating stunning walking trails… the microphone has been getting a serious work out.

Got an amazing project coming up? Warm, comforting and soothing or happy, vibrant and fun? Let Sharyn give your ears a Great Big Hug! 🥰


Hear more from Sharyn HERE.

TALENT: Robert Coleby

Robert Coleby has always had a wicked sense of humour. It’s a trait that helped him a land a recurring role in Catherine Tait’s new comedy series, Queen of Oz.

Over the years the veteran performer has created a drawer full of odd and interesting concepts for scripts and stories – including a few podcast ideas aimed at kids.

“The Naughty Trousers” is one of Rob’s childish musings. He made the narrator voice a sort of nutty old Colonel so he could have fun exploring the sounds of his other characters.

Meanwhile the Queen of Oz can be seen at 9:35pm Wednesdays on the ABC. Or you can stream the sitcom on iView. Check out the trailer here. Rob plays the Queen’s Private Secretary, Bernard.


TALENT: Sammy Gunner

The uniquely talented Sammy Gunner was recently cast to provide the voice for an animated character featured in an online initiative called Podsquad.

Podsquad is a free, play-centric wellbeing program that supports children and families as they build better health and lifestyle habits together. 

The program delivered by Health and Wellbeing Queensland is an initiative by the Queensland Government.

Sammy plays one of the central characters, Firebloom.

In further news, Sammy’s quirky sound has been selected to help promote the vital work developed by the Daniel Morecombe Foundation.

The Foundation works tirelessly to protect the safety and wellbeing of children and has created a free online called That’s Suss, a fun, educational, choose-your-own pathway animation to learn about being safe online.

That’s Suss aims to teach children aged 8 to 12 years the skills to recognise red flags, identify their body clues and learn how to report online grooming.

That’s Suss has been developed with funds provided by the eSafety Commissioner

TALENT: Marcus Oborn

You hear Marcus Oborn regularly voicing commercial messages and corporate announcements. He’s one of Brisbane’s most prolific voice talents.

However more and more corporate clients have begun calling on Marcus to front their organisational videos. Marcus has shown he’s as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind the microphone.

Marcus has recently upgraded his home recording studio. He christened the new facility with a series of e-learning scripts for onboarding staff at SBS.

Check out his new e-learning demo… and his corporate presenting showreel too.

TALENT: Walter Williams

Ask Walter Williams and he’ll tell you, his studio is ‘the greatest place on earth’. He’s rightfully very proud and passionate about his craft.

So when he landed a plumb read for Disney World (the officially recognised Greatest Place on Earth), he was literally beside himself.

The Disney adventure tops off what has already been an exciting year for Walt.

He started 2023 by graduating from the Anthony Lamond Standup Comedy Course… and the laughs and good times have kept rolling.

He’s just secured the voice work for a 40,000 word e-Learning Project for the Opal Mining Industry. His warm but professional voice will be helping workers in this industry lower fatalities through a series of safety awareness modules.

It’s not the first time Walt’s worked closely with the Mining Industry.  Over the years he’s enjoyed working on a catalogue of projects with Mining Skills Australia and several others.

Walt has a few new jobs in the pipeline too.

More recently he’s been working closely with Luminaire Media’s Director/Producer Benjamin Evans, who discovered Walt’s talents on the BrisVO website. They’ve teamed up on a series of Corporate Videos for the leading supplier of Australian Beef around the world.

And earlier in the year, Walt got the call up from a client in Germany for the Agile Evolution Corporate Project. Rene from FMP Studio reached out to Walt directly through the award winning Bodalgo site saying, “I just stumbled across your incredible voice while looking for a master voice over for a customer related kick off clip.” 

Music to Walter’s ears.

You can hear the result of the Agile Evolution job below.

Like to hear from from Walter? Check out his demos here

Agile Evolution

TALENT: Todd Levi

Todd Levi loves to escape the city life when he can. He’s even got himself a few acres in the Northern Rivers Hinterland he often retires to. Modern living gives him the flexibility to work remotely. So when he gets the call to do a milk run for Dairy Farmers, or perhaps something more sales-sy for another brand, he can do it wherever he lays his hat.

The ag thing really agrees with Todd. Sure you might recall him as the voice of Supercheap Autos, or Dominos Pizzas, or hundreds of other ads. But if you listen really carefully to the advertising landscape you might often hear his voice calling you back to the farm. 

Todd plants an idea with RCS