TALENT: Chris Crickmay

It’s been a huge start to the year for the hard working larrikin, Chris ‘Crickers’ Crickmay.

The paint had barely had time to dry on his recently refurbed home studio before the word got out that his voice booth was cranking out a fresh new vibe.

Some of Australia’s big names have been calling: eBay, Domaine, Red Rooster. Even the legendary local pie shop, Goldstein’s Bakery has been keen to get Crickers spruiking their wares.

From sophisticated, to ol’ mate next door, from authoritative to loose canon. Crickers has a unique gift of the gab; adjusting his vocal performance like a chameleon to subtly blend in with the occasion.

Check out his video montage above, or check out his demos.

Or better still, if you need the voice for all occasions, contact the man himself.

TALENT: Sammy Gunner

When the casting crew behind the Containers for Change campaign were looking for talent to voice some animated bottles and cans in a series of TV and online spots, they knew Sammy Gunner would be perfect for one of the roles.

Sammy’s a unique character. Fun, bright and quirky. And you should see her behind the microphone!

The TV spots were produced by Romeo Digital and animated by Ruckus Studio.

And proving there’s more than one string to her bow, Sammy recently stepped into the world of standup comedy!

She’s created quite a few laughs around town already and will be competing at the RAW comedy competition as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Go Sammy!

TALENT: Hugh Parker

The prodigiously talented Hugh Parker is always in demand.

Lately, he’s been keeping very busy doing what he does best: acting, coaching, creating and voicing all manner of interesting announcements.

The Queensland Ballet realised Hugh’s talent. They weren’t quite sold on his sauter, however their chairs did turn when they heard his voice; inviting him to narrate their recent interpretation of the classic tale, Peter and the Wolf.

Hugh’s also been the voice of the Mentoring section for Nexefy Training Solutions, before being asked to be involved in developing and recording a podcast series pilot for Unless Pictures.

What’s more, Hugh’s been busy filming “Syb and the Myth” by Georgia Temple. Shot in Brisbane, Hugh’s role sees him play a revered novelist desperate to write his legacy book.

Further still, he’s been playing a National Party politician in the 1980’s set “In Our Blood” with Hoodlum Films.

And if that’s not enough, Hugh’s been successfully coaching students for drama school auditions and script writing for corporate marketing material.

Hugh’s a busy boy?

You bet.

Seeking a versatile performer for your next script? Check out Hugh’s demo.

TALENT: Liz Buchanan

There’s no doom and gloom when Liz Buchanan gets behind a mic and paints a brighter future with her signature warmth. This spot for the Qld Government’s Energy & Jobs Plan was recorded at The Voice Pant for Engine Group.

Liz makes power grids and infrastructure sound comforting, which is why she voices a lot of content for big government and corporate projects around Australia.

Hear more from Liz. Check out her demo here

TALENT: Thomas Larkin

A seasoned and versatile artist, Thomas Larkin’s screen credits include Baz Lurhmann’s biopic ELVIS (2022) and animated feature film Combat Wombat (2022), where he performed opposite Deborah Mailman as the voice of Chief Furbank.
You can also catch Thom on the SBS On Demand series Homecoming Queens (2018), television series Darby & Joan (2022) and Nickelodeon’s Rock Island Mysteries (2022).
It’s been a busy period for Thom, balancing stage and film projects locally and overseas having recently returned home from shooting a film in Florence – slated for release in 2023.
With a broad vocal range, Thom is regularly cast for characters in animation, video games, and commercial voiceovers. You will also hear him narrating audiobooks and documentaries – most recently, a kids well-being app for a project called PodSquad.

Hear more from Thomas Larkin now. Check out his demos and keep him in mind for your next script.


Combat Wombat

TALENT: Paul Davies

Earlier this year Paul channeled his inner Cockney and voiced a series of promos for the Hit Network’s ‘Ed to London with Carrie and Tommy’ competition – Hit’s first overseas competition since the pandemic.

Paul has quite a way with words. And accents.

This little spot was produced by Jeremiah Busniak at B105 Brisbane for B105, 2DayFM, The Fox, SAFM, Mix 94.5 and SEAFM.

Reacquaint yourself with Paul’s linguistical reportoire here.

Ed to London

TALENT: Robert Coleby

Robert Coleby is a proven performer. His list of credits is as long as your arm. And your leg. A long-time Brisbane local, Rob was born and trained in the UK, moving downunder in 1970s. Since that time he’s enjoyed a regular presence on the stage, TV and silver screen, and has well over over 100 film and television credits to his name.

Most recently the in-demand actor has been been working on ‘Last Days of the Space Age’ for Disney. This production is a wild mix of conflict and drama set around the historic events of 1979 in Perth when the Miss Universe Contest was held as Skylab was about to crash to earth somewhere around the city. A major factor is a power supply dispute with the Unions threatening black-outs. The power company built by his character Murray Doull is run by his wayward son Wayne.

And currently, Rob’s been cast as a series regular in ‘The Queen of Oz’ , written by and starring Catherine Tate for the BBC. Catherine plays the Queen, while Rob plays Bernard, the Queens private secretary.

Keep an eye out for it. By all accounts it’s hilarious!

In the meantime, check out Rob’s demo and remind yourself why he should be on your hit list for that next script you’re writing. 

TALENT: Michael Goldman

So Mike’s agent gets a call from a lovely Spanish lady called Irene at FIBA, the international governing body of Basketball, because they’re looking for a live American voice for their USA broadcast of the Basketball World Cup.

Turns out, from the 100s of demos on offer, they wanted Mike Goldman! So, excitedly he packed his headphones and headed to Olympic Park for another big show at the Sydney Super Dome, AKA Qudos Bank Arena.

A lot of you might know that Mike grew up around basketball, his dad Grant Goldman was the court-side announcer for the Sydney Kings and for many years Mike was a live presenter for the team as well. Occasionally he would dress in bizarre outfits to entertain the crowd because why not? One time he hosted the game as a Christmas tree or maybe it was Elvis?

Mike knows a lot of people who worked at the World Cup, like court-side announcer legend Eric Stephens. So imagine the shock on their faces when they walked past the court-side commentary position and heard him speaking LIVE in an American accent with Basketball legend and 7 time MVP Andrew Gaze and Despina Barton.

Despina and Andrew were all about the knowledge and know how of the game, while Mike was there for the initial hype and some GOOGLE voiceover spots.

In the final game between China and Team USA, Mike was getting very excited on air about the Team USA win and couldn’t stop saying on air how great it was to be an American.

The 3 points Mike would like to leave you with:

  1. He is not American
  2. He was born and lives in sunny old Brisbane (not Sydney… but he’s happy to travel)
  3. He’s ready to tackle your next voice gig in whatever style you need!

Go team Goldman.

Hear more from Mike here

TALENT: Sharyn Doolan

Whether it’s retail therapy for Radio & TV, teaching via  E-learning projects, telling a story in Explainer videos or Audio books, Sharyn is behind the microphone every day weaving her magic.
She’s also working on some very exciting projects – which includes working closely with Councils across Australia… 
And giving credit and recognition to everyone working in the Creative Industry.
Yes, that includes Advertising Agencies, Creative Directors, Producers, Engineers, Animators, Videographers etc… and of course Voice Over talent!
Think ’Shazam’ for Creatives! 

Hear more from Sharyn HERE.

TALENT: Walter Williams

Walter Williams has been stepping up to the microphone in some of the best recording studios in Australia for decades. 

Walt’s voice is a part of Australian recording history. As a prolific and strong vocal talent, it’s no surprise that Walt’s won accolade after accolade for his contribution to spoken word.

Walt embarked on a successful full time career seven years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

This month he not only celebrates another trip around the sun, but also a very busy time in his own Ultrafonic Soundproof Vocal Booth on his Neumann microphone.

While he’s been in a small room talking to himself and various producers around the world directing sessions remotely he’s recorded Radio Promos in his best British accent for the bands “glaive” (it is lower case) touring in Minneapolis and Rock’n’Roll Hall of Famers’ “The Zombies” on their US Tour.

He’s also been busy on the tools recording TVC projects for The Beachie @ Toukley, Winc Australia, Webjet & Illuminate Adelaide for Ouchhh Studio amongst others including a major German Kitchen appliance company, Bora, which went to air this month.

Online he’s everywhere on a special project for Brand USA Disney, an explainer video for Apia Australia, a USA home security company launch in Australia and the unveiling of a brand new camper from Pioneer Campers.

Plus Walt dipped his toes into Gaming as the F. Murray Abraham style voice explaining folklore on “Stick War 3”, “Soul Catcher” action role play game and on the release trailer for “Plan B From Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey…

Walter Williams stands alone within an elite cluster of exclusive Australian & Worldwide Voice Talents.

Like to hear from from Walter? Check out his demos here

Apia Australia



Bora Cooktop Extractor

TALENT: Tony Bellette

With over 30 years in the industry, seasoned voice actor Tony Bellette has told more stories than he cares to remember. However every now and again there’s a gig that’s impossible to forget. Like when he was asked to narrate the history of Qantas for the new Qantas founders museum at Longreach.

‘The Spirit of Australia’ spent millions recently on a spectacular half hour light and sound production which is projected onto the side of a 747. Today, the presentation is enjoyed by hundreds of visitors every month.

Tony’s warm and experienced tone is regularly heard over the airwaves. Tony’s versatility is his hallmark.

You might recognise him as one of the voices of Lite n Easy. He’s been voicing ads for them over the last four years.

Tony was delighted to lay down some spots for the Ekka this year. After two years in the wilderness due to COVID, the RNA was keen to get the show up at’em in 2022, and called on Tony to deliver a uniquely Australian voiceover. The spots were crafted at Roscoe’s retro audio palace.

Meanwhile, local Redland’s butcher, Pattemores Meats wanted Tony to be that  charming man in the street.

While the producers of a small video created for The Sumba eye care program, who deliver vital Opthalmic services to the underprivileged on Sumba island reached out to Tony for his warm, caring, and empathetic style.

Tony’s always ready to tell tales.

Check out his demos and remind yourself why he should be one of your regular ‘go-tos’ for your productions.

Lite n Easy

Brisbane Ekka

The Sumba Eye Care Program

TALENT: Brie Jurss

When Brisbane hot shop Khemistry created a series of CSA’s for the Queensland Government to promote responsible drinking of alcohol, the agency called in Brie Jurss to help spread the word.

While Brie’s forthright delivery cautioned audiences to know how many is too many, her professional performance in the recording booth proved the sky is her limit!

Versatility is the name of the game for Brie – a trait that finds her cast for a broad range of performances, including UQ’s Open Day campaign (also recorded at Khemistry), and Flight Centre’s “Winter is Coming” series (see below),  an ongoing campaign recorded at Voiceplant.

Flight Centre - Fire & Ice campaign