Award-winning actor, voice artist and arts educator, the versatile Thomas Larkin is no stranger to being asked to play a diverse mix of roles.

Currently kitting-up to play an Australian Rules footballer in Melbourne Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre’s co-production 37, Thom can also be seen in Bad Ancestors, a Fresh Blood project for ABC.

37 follows a local footy team who have spent so long at the bottom of the ladder they might as well be welded to it. This year a new hope arrives: the Marngrook cousins. Named after the Aboriginal game that inspired AFL, they’re match fit to bring home the team’s first flag in forever.

Set within the era of AFL legend’s Adam Goodes’s war cry – and named for the number he immortalised – 37 asks Thom and nine other actors to throw themselves into this world of blood and sweat to get at the values that drive a national obsession. Community, identity, the price of winning and the meaning of a goal: they’re all up for grabs.

Meanwhile, Bad Ancestors is an empowering comedy trilogy that sees best friends Nora and Charli spending their afterlife providing ancestral guidance to young black people. Thom plays the role of Plum Sigmund. See the trailer below.

ABC have rolled out all 3 episodes on the ABC TV Youtube channel.

#badancestors #freshbloodABC
Designer Gwyn Dixon / @meeks_animates
Photographer Hameed Akinwande @harmeeyd_photo

TALENT: Mikee Joaquin

Mikee Joaquin has loads of creative flair. After making his home in Brisbane from the US, the colourful performer has developed quite a niche.

Mikee’s unique and quirky style was recently required to voice a series of e-learning videos for both Crayola and Colgate-Palmolive. While his natural rhythm and ability to move has been called upon to play the part of Dipsy… yes, the green Teletubby! His performance even made the news… watch his clips below.

And if you’re looking for an all round professional talent that’s a little left of centre, think creative. Get in touch with Mikee.

Mikee makes news headlines

Mikee's feeling Dipsy

TALENT: Chris Crickmay

Looks like 2024 is going to be a busy year for Chris “Crickers” Crickmay. The vocal local has started the year with a flourish.

January presented an opportunity for Chris to be creative. He was cast in a variety of colourful roles: from playing ‘Cheshire Cat’ from Alice in Wonderland and a cameo vocal in an English murder mystery; to reminding grownups that their local cinema’s a great place to ‘lose the kids’ throughout school holidays.

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also hosted the Gold Coast Women in business awards – all from the comfort of his home studio!

Chris does his best work behind the mic and he loves a vocal challenge. And while every session with Chris is a lot of fun, clients are quick to acknowledge his versatility, entrusting him with serious and important messages too – such as these announcements for the Gold Coast City Council.

Chris is available 24/7 and is no doubt in his booth at this very minute. Feel free to reach out at any time to join in on the fun!

Have a listen to his latest demo.

TALENT: Digby Gillings

BrisVO’s Digby Gillings has an old head on young shoulders. And although he’s been plying his trade for quite some time now, we’re very sure it’s been nowhere near 100 years. However that didn’t stop him from tripping down Memory Lane with the guys at Triple M to reflect on radio’s centenary of aural hi-jinks

Meanwhile, in the lead up to the festive season, Australian dairy company Bulla gave Digby a call to voice their latest television spot (below). While Bulla’s thickened cream passes the ‘really good’ test, Digby’s read for them was the cherry on top!

 To hear more from Digby check out his demo.

TALENT: Todd MacDonald

After six years running La Boite Theatre Company as CEO and Artistic Director, then leading and programming Arts and Culture teams in city council and human services sectors, Todd MacDonald has returned to full-time voice over and acting work, with some new headshots to boot!

Todd brings 25 years of knowledge to his work, intertwining the threads from his diverse Arts career with insights gleaned from the human services and government sector. This unique blend allows him to infuse authenticity, and attention to detail, into every project, creating a dynamic connection with clients in corporate and commercial domains.

He has also done a tonne of non-commercial and narrative work – “I found having worked in these sectors and as an arts leader and executive trainer, really helps my VO work – I can connect well with corporate and commercial reads because I get what the client is after!  It’s been exciting to get back into studios and great fun setting up my home-studio. Now that I have time to lean into my voice work, I’m really interested in doing more into character jobs and audio books, so hit me up if you’re looking for a new voice.”

TALENT: Teresa Lim

AGENCY: Publicis


Teresa Lim is the complete professional. Experienced, versatile… bi-lingual. It’s no wonder she’s a favoured talent with ad agencies and brands from all over Asia-Pacific.
Recently, Publicis Brisbane got Teresa into the recording booth at The Voice Plant to put down the read for their Seatbelt Safety campaign for the Queensland Government. Teresa approached the task the only way she knows how: properly.
Her drive for perfection keeps the phone ringing. Teresa’s been cast for a multiple of roles this year, including:
  • A series of TVCs for McArthur River Mine recorded at Cutting Edge
  • A spot for Dairy Australia recorded at Final Sound
  • A collection of “How To” sport videos for Netball Australia
  • An explainer video for Frasers Property created in the new 3p Studios on Black Street
  • The voiceover for Sunbeam’s Origins Coffee commercial (below)
To top it off, Teresa is proud to be asked to be a SOVAS judge (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) this year and has been invited to  present in LA at the Voice Arts Awards in December!
You can listen to Teresa’s Demos here.

TALENT: Kate Wilson

Veteran actor Kate Wilson is building an impressive library of audible books. The seasoned voice artist and actor has just finalised her 17th narration for the international market. Assuming her alter-ego (Liz Gentle), Kate brings to life ‘Darkness Rising’, the latest contemporary fantasy time travel adventure authored by Nellie H. Steele. You can hear more here.

Further to her regular narration duties for listeners on the go, Kate also has a recurring role in the international podcast, “Everdark”, where she has fun playing a blind immortal vampire named Seeyr. Be sure to keep an ear out!

While podcasts and audiobooks have kept Kate busy between her theatre curtain calls, she’s also been in demand for commercial clients. Her naturally warm and nurturing voice was preferred by Dementia Australia recently to communicate their message informing people to look for and understand the changes in behaviour often seen with people impacted with dementia. Listen to her radio spot below. 

TALENT: Tom Murray


Experienced voice talent, sound technician, podcast producer. BrisVO’s Thomas Murray is living proof that when you select your talent wisely, you can get more than you bargained for.

Over the years, Tom has provided his voiceover skills to some of the state’s largest and well known advertisers, including the Queensland Government, Crust Pizza, Brisbane Lions and many more.

However recently, he’s been helping people get their messages to their audiences through podcasts – such as his own series for Ipswich Libraries called “Stories for Little Queenslanders”, and a new construction and economic comedy series he helps to produce for Sue Rogan and Scott Challen called “Nuts and Bolts”.

TALENT: Fotene Maroulis

Versatile BrisVO voice artist, Fotene Maroulis is always ready to bring her real world experience and considerable talent to the table. So when QUT needed a guiding voice to narrate their pitch to new students seeking a tertiary education geared towards authentic work place challenges, it was no surprise they came knocking.

Fotene’s quite at home in the recording booth. A gifted singer, she has an impressive range. Pair that with her kind, genuine and all round happy nature, Fotene always has her clients at the forefront and works hard to deliver nothing but the best.

TALENT: Tony Byrne

WRITER: Tony Byrne


Tony Byrne loves his work. And when he’s having fun, it seems everyone at Southern Cross Austero Brisbane has fun with him. 

Yellow Couriers threw him a curly challenge recently. “We want everyone singing our praises” – their brief was clear and simple.

It got Tony’s creative juices flowing. 

He sat at his desk and penned a little ditty. Then he and his SCA Brisbane producer, Andrew Fritsch, hit the studio. While Tony did the bulk of the heavy lifting behind the mic, Andrew chimed in as his backup singer.

It wasn’t long before the whole floor at the open plan office started singing along.


Tony ticked off two personal achievements that day: writing and performing a performing a catchy tune that gets into your head, and, getting the word “Fugly” into a commercial. 


TALENT: Jennifer Mary

AGENCY: Joy Agency

CLIENT: Fusion Health


Seasoned performer Jennifer Mary has a genuine knack for connecting with audiences. She has a natural ability for finding the right tone and voice to suit a script’s creative direction.

Her style is credible, authentic… relatable.

So when the Joy Agency went looking for the ideal voice to deliver their message for Fusion Health, they knew Jen was just what the herbal medico’s ordered.

TALENT: Elise Greig

Evergreen performer Elise Greig has been busy behind the mic, in front of the camera, and on the stage of late. A BrisVO stalwart, Elise is renowned for her polish and versatility; a trait that sees her cast in a variety of roles.

Recently, Elise filmed a terrific ad campaign for Living Gems with the fabulous folk at Theola. She then jumped in a boat and appeared in White China for Playlab Theatre at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Always enthusiastic and highly professional, Elise loves nothing more than interpreting a script and bringing it to life. Well, she loves her husband and kids too, but you get what we mean. If you’re looking for excellent, reliable and warm, look no further.

And did we mention she also has a professional home studio?

Check out Elise’s demos here.