TALENT: Megan Shapcott

With a sparkling career dating back to the 90s, there’s not a lot that Megan Shapcott hasn’t done. Over the years, the talented actor has tread the boards in London’s West End and all over England – as well as stages throughout Australia, performing alongside some of the biggest names in the business.
So it’s no surprise, the seasoned performer is regularly sought by advertisers and acting students alike, to boost their potential. In fact, many of her students shine under Megan’s guidance; with one recently topping the State in her AMEB exams, and two others being welcomed into the Qld Theatre’s Youth Program.
Megan’s voice is regularly heard across the airways for clients as diverse as the Queensland Government and Telstra, to the local bathroom renovation team. Take a listen to some spots she put down at Cutting Edge recently for Aquashield Bathrooms. 
When not recording voice overs, Megan teaches a voice over course and training for budding voice over artists – including preparing their demos at her home studio.
For anyone in business needing to hone their communication skills, Megan is currently taking bookings for vocal coaching, public speaking, audition monologue preparation, voice over training and demo preparation, and AMEB Voice and Communication Certificate training.
Contact Megan for more – 0414 724 301

TALENT: Damien Garvey

BrisVO’s Damien Garvey has hit a rich vein of form.

After finishing Disney’s Nautilus at the end of 2022, the versatile actor scored another Disney show, playing Governor Edwin Fox in “The Artful Dodger”.

Set in 1850s Australia, the series follows the adult double life of Charles Dickens’ famous prince of thieves Dodger now a surgeon, but who can’t shake his predilection for crime.

Beyond his many screen credits, Damien is regularly selected to represent a number of mighty teams:

Century Batteries.

Rural Aid.

The Brisbane Broncos.

VW Amorok.

And most recently, Land Rover and the Wallabies.

He’s got a fair game.

TALENT: Ross Newth

You may not recognise his face, but there’s something very familiar about Ross Newth.

Is it the voice of NINE News Brisbane and the Gold Coast promos that ring a bell? Perhaps it’s the imaging voice for 4BC.

Maybe it’s voice of the COVID 19 Commercials heard nationally throughout the height of the epidemic that comes to mind? Or is it that voice that guided you through the last e-learning thing you did online?

There’s no escaping the voice of Ross Newth. He’s very much part of the fabric of SE QLD. In fact, you can’t even board a train in Brisbane without Ross letting you know what station you’re departing.

For over 40 years, Ross has stood relatively anonymously behind the microphone, using his voice to inform, advise, sell and surmise.

So, what would happen if that voice and the person behind it was exposed in front of a live audience?

We’ll let the video do the talking. Hit play.

To hear more from Ross, check out his demo.

TALENT: Brie Jurss

Brie Jurss is the centre of attention this month. You can hear her voice celebrating Flight Centre’s collaboration with Netball Australia in a new TV spot.

The idea behind the spot puts both brands front and centre, and it can be seen on the big screens at Suncorp Stadium.

The sound track and Brie’s voice recording were polished by Dave Champion at the Voice Plant.

Brie says training should be simple.

Brie Jurss has an excellent way of explaining things. When she talks she makes everything sound so simple. 

That’s precisely the direction the team at aXelcerate were looking for when they scouted the talent on the BrisVO website. They could have settled on a number of excellent options to voice the spot to announce their Training Management product but selected Brie. You can watch the aXcelerate spot below.

Brie recorded the read in her home studio and the client was delighted. “Thanks so much for your talent!” they said. “Everyone loves your voice over and we will be in contact again in the future!” 

That kind of comment is music to Brie’s ear.

Hear more from Brie. Check out her demo here.

Brie says training should be simple

TALENT: Hugh Parker

The versatile Hugh Parker is always pushing boundaries. 

The in-demand performer avoids being typecast by playing by his own rules.

So when the makers of  Powerball’s latest cinema and digital campaign went looking for someone who stands above the everyday, it’s little wonder why they settled on Hugh.

Hugh plays the Lord of the Manor in the series of spots, sitting beside his faithful companion – a peacock.

Hugh’s also recently wrapped narration for a ten part miniseries for Wild bear. Navigating the World will soon air on Channel 10.

And coming soon to Netflix is a new feature called Love is in The Air. In it you’ll see Hugh playing William Mitchell, a business tycoon.

Seeking a versatile performer for your next script? Get lucky.  Check out Hugh’s demo.

TALENT: Leon Murray

PRODUCTION: Cutting Edge

Long-time BrisVO voice Leon Murray is the first to admit he knows his way around a mic far better than a 5-iron.
Perhaps that’s why the crew at Gold Coast’s premier golf entertainment complex, Top Golf, have been booking Leon as their voice professional since 2019.
Following the success of their Brand and Christmas campaigns, this “Events” spot was recorded by the maestros at Cutting Edge for Greg Kearns and Village Roadshow Theme Parks.
Top shot, Leon!

Listen to Leon’s Demo Reels HERE

TALENT: Michael Goldman

From the Award Winning Meerkat Manor, to documentaries like Australia’s Arid Heart on Nat Geo, The Great Dividing range on Discovery, or The Guns That Changed the Game on Binge, Brisbane’s own Mike Goldman has long been the go-to-man for documentary voiceovers in Queensland.

And don’t forget, Mike’s also been the narrator on Australia’s longest running Reality TV series – Big Brother.

So if you’re looking for someone to help tell your story, Mike is the man – the Goldman. He’s here in Queensland ready to work his VO wizardry.

And did we mention he does a very authentic American and UK accent.

Make sure you check out his new showreel below.

Or… hear more from Mike here

Mike Goldman, as seen on TV!

TALENT: Chris Crickmay

It’s been a huge start to the year for the hard working larrikin, Chris ‘Crickers’ Crickmay.

The paint had barely had time to dry on his recently refurbed home studio before the word got out that his voice booth was cranking out a fresh new vibe.

Some of Australia’s big names have been calling: eBay, Domaine, Red Rooster. Even the legendary local pie shop, Goldstein’s Bakery has been keen to get Crickers spruiking their wares.

From sophisticated, to ol’ mate next door, from authoritative to loose canon. Crickers has a unique gift of the gab; adjusting his vocal performance like a chameleon to subtly blend in with the occasion.

Check out his video montage above, or check out his demos.

Or better still, if you need the voice for all occasions, contact the man himself.

TALENT: Sammy Gunner

When the casting crew behind the Containers for Change campaign were looking for talent to voice some animated bottles and cans in a series of TV and online spots, they knew Sammy Gunner would be perfect for one of the roles.

Sammy’s a unique character. Fun, bright and quirky. And you should see her behind the microphone!

The TV spots were produced by Romeo Digital and animated by Ruckus Studio.

And proving there’s more than one string to her bow, Sammy recently stepped into the world of standup comedy!

She’s created quite a few laughs around town already and will be competing at the RAW comedy competition as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Go Sammy!

TALENT: Hugh Parker

The prodigiously talented Hugh Parker is always in demand.

Lately, he’s been keeping very busy doing what he does best: acting, coaching, creating and voicing all manner of interesting announcements.

The Queensland Ballet realised Hugh’s talent. They weren’t quite sold on his sauter, however their chairs did turn when they heard his voice; inviting him to narrate their recent interpretation of the classic tale, Peter and the Wolf.

Hugh’s also been the voice of the Mentoring section for Nexefy Training Solutions, before being asked to be involved in developing and recording a podcast series pilot for Unless Pictures.

What’s more, Hugh’s been busy filming “Syb and the Myth” by Georgia Temple. Shot in Brisbane, Hugh’s role sees him play a revered novelist desperate to write his legacy book.

Further still, he’s been playing a National Party politician in the 1980’s set “In Our Blood” with Hoodlum Films.

And if that’s not enough, Hugh’s been successfully coaching students for drama school auditions and script writing for corporate marketing material.

Hugh’s a busy boy?

You bet.

Seeking a versatile performer for your next script? Check out Hugh’s demo.

TALENT: Liz Buchanan

There’s no doom and gloom when Liz Buchanan gets behind a mic and paints a brighter future with her signature warmth. This spot for the Qld Government’s Energy & Jobs Plan was recorded at The Voice Pant for Engine Group.

Liz makes power grids and infrastructure sound comforting, which is why she voices a lot of content for big government and corporate projects around Australia.

Hear more from Liz. Check out her demo here

TALENT: Thomas Larkin

A seasoned and versatile artist, Thomas Larkin’s screen credits include Baz Lurhmann’s biopic ELVIS (2022) and animated feature film Combat Wombat (2022), where he performed opposite Deborah Mailman as the voice of Chief Furbank.
You can also catch Thom on the SBS On Demand series Homecoming Queens (2018), television series Darby & Joan (2022) and Nickelodeon’s Rock Island Mysteries (2022).
It’s been a busy period for Thom, balancing stage and film projects locally and overseas having recently returned home from shooting a film in Florence – slated for release in 2023.
With a broad vocal range, Thom is regularly cast for characters in animation, video games, and commercial voiceovers. You will also hear him narrating audiobooks and documentaries – most recently, a kids well-being app for a project called PodSquad.

Hear more from Thomas Larkin now. Check out his demos and keep him in mind for your next script.


Combat Wombat