Nelle Lee leaves her legacy on Queensland

With new world records, inspiring efforts and breathtaking performances, the Commonwealth Games sure left a lasting legacy on the Gold Coast. And Queensland business and...


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Tony Byrne raps with Urbane Homes

Popular Brisbane voice professional, Tony Byrne, recently went all gangsta, rapping his way through a sixty second radio spot for Urbane Homes.


Elise sings for Seaworld

A singing pelican? Why not? Over the years, versatile Brisbane voice actor, Elise Greig  has been asked to lend her considerable vocal talent to all...


Elise Grieg totally owns Kalynda Chase

Kalynda Chase is a new property development in Townsville. It's where people connect with a quality life... and listeners will hear the warm reassuring timbre...


Tony, Elise and Finley lead Peppa Pig on an Aussie adventure

Professional voice actors, Tony Bryne, Elise Grieg and their talented daughter, Finley were recently asked to add their vocal talents to four Aussie episodes of...


Todd's 2018 Kicks Off

Todd Levi's piping-fresh 2018 Video Voice Over Reel... a booming treat for the ears AND the eyeballs!


Tony Bellette - Voicing Versatility

It's been an interesting past year for Tony with his 30 years of vocal gymnastics being put to good use! From animation to corporate reads,...


Todd Levi's latest Blockbuster!

Todd Levi channels his classic Hollywood Movie Trailer Guy for this epic track!


Rebecca Frith's Smoke Signals

Rebecca says: "I genuinely LOVE the voice over work I’m cast for. I work with a lot of truly brilliant people who put their heart...


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