Here's Fotene Maroulis

Originally from New Zealand, Fotene grew up in Australia and pursued a singing career. Writing her own songs she recorded her first ever single called ‘I think its tonight’ at Studios 301 in Sydney and along with that, filmed the accompanying music video.

Her love of music, singing and performance have all contributed to her skills as a voice actor and you can tell she’s a singer in the warmth of her natural speaking tone.

If it’s the youthful sound of a 25 year old young lady or a mature age woman you’re after, Fotene has the range for both. Pair that with her kind, genuine and all round happy nature, Fotene always has her client’s at the forefront and works hard to deliver nothing but the best.

“I am honestly happiest when I am ‘in the booth’ creating. Being able to help bring an idea to life or interpret what my client has in mind is extremely fulfilling and exciting.”

With over 10 years professional experience some of Fotene’s voice over campaigns include: Michael Hill, The Iconic, Bisolvon, Otrivin, Sun Super and Instant Scratch-it’s to name a few.

Fotene is available to book through Scout Voice Management on 1300 66 95 85.

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Contact Fotene

Fotene can be contacted directly:

Fotene Maroulis
Mobile +61 403 502 422
Email Fotene

Or through her agent
Scout Voice Management
1300 66 95 85


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Fotene is more than ready

Fotene Maroulis is always ready to bring her real world experience and considerable talent to the table. So when QUT needed a guiding voice to narrate their pitch to new students seeking a tertiary education geared towards authentic work place challenges, it was no surprise they came knocking.

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Here's Chris Crickmay

Award-winning Australian voice talent. Versatile, clear, and seriously experienced. Chris ‘Crickers’ Crickmay can deliver a variety of reads from youthful, bright, and upbeat to smooth, classy and engaging. Chris excels in youthful energy, comforting maturity, and a long list of character reads.

His client list includes ANZ, Commonwealth Bank of AUSTRALIA, Subaru, Toyota, BP, Dan Murphy’s, KFC, Remington shavers, eHarmony, Mazda, Event cinemas, Domayne, Southern Cross Austereo, BMW, Triple J, Gold Coast Suns, Autoleaders, Studio Moshi, Lone star, Australian Industry Trade College, Lion, NSW Government, Mt Isa mines, Dreamworld, Australian lottery commission, Jetgo Australia, Zambrero, National tiles, and VW.

Chris works closely with his clients to produce an innovative, attention-grabbing, and personalized sound, his natural character will bring your script to life!

Working from a professional home studio Chris can provide world-class audio fast, fair and reasonable pricing with backup service and support.

Cricker's Demos

Contact Chris

Chris can be contacted directly:

Chris Crickmay
Mobile 0437 788 966
Email Chris

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Crickers gets back to work

Chris Crickmay does his best work behind the mic and he loves a vocal challenge. And while every session with Chris is a lot of fun, clients are quick to acknowledge his versatility, entrusting him with serious and important messages too – such as these announcements for the Gold Coast City Council.

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Ol’ mate Crickers loves to talk

It’s been a huge start to the year for the hard working larrikin, Chris ‘Crickers’ Crickmay. The paint had barely had time to dry on his recently refurbed home studio before the word got out that his voice booth was cranking out a fresh new vibe.

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Here's Teresa Lim

Teresa is Brisbane’s bilingual English and Mandarin Chinese VO girl. And boy, does she love all things Audio. (In either language!)

Now coming to her 3rd year as the Australian TV network promo voice for Cartoon Network and Boomerang TV, Teresa is a true VO professional.

She is also the voice of Myer; ring any one of the 60+ stores nationally and you’ll hear her warm welcome!

Her latest project involved voicing a children’s toy in Mandarin, coming soon from New York.

As a former radio newsreader in 2003, she developed a love for copy… and puns. Her love of words enables her to bring scripts to life with light and shade, and those subtle nuances in the right places.

Teresa has won Learn-X Asia Pacific Best Audio awards, and her dedication to clients and friendly, professional manner is well known in the industry.

You can read the reviews on or connect with her across all social media platforms as Teresa Lim Studios.

National Clients include Cartoon Network, Boomerang TV, Canon Australia, Brown Brothers Wine, Remington Hair Care, Greenpeace Australia, Griffith University, My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, Hatchimals, Yo Kai Watch 2, Nintendo LABO, Samsung AUS, Clarks Shoes, Shopkins, Toyota, Rydges Hotels, Myer, LOL Surprise Biggie Pets, Poopsie Slime Surprise, AMGEN Biopharmaceutical, Chemwatch Australia, Qld Health, Department of Education, Aus Gov, TAFE QLD, Yarra Valley Water, Victorian Electoral Commission, Fair Work Ombudsman. 

International Clients include Turner Entertainment, OCBC Singapore, Standard Chartered, Telstra Global, EMIRATES Airlines, Japan Airlines, Tokyo Museum.

Teresa travels for work between Australia and Singapore, where she is available for voicing at partner studios Song Zu, The Gunnery and Splice Studio.

Teresa is available from her Home Studio via Source Connect or at any Brisbane studio you prefer.
Bookings available through Kathryn at Scout Management on 1300 66 95 85
Please contact directly for presenting, live announcing and lifestyle/tourism modelling shoots.

Teresa's Demos

Contact Teresa

Teresa can be contacted directly:

You can contact Teresa direct on
0412 420 171

Or through:

SCOUT Voice Management
Kathryn Scott
+61 2 9939 8133 
1300 66 95 85

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Teresa does everything properly

Publicis Brisbane invited Teresa Lim into the recording booth at The Voice Plant to put down the read for their Seatbelt Safety campaign for the Queensland Government. Teresa approached the task the only way she knows how: properly.

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‘Diversity’ is the word for Teresa Lim

Versatile, adaptable and multi-talented, Teresa Lim’s diverse abilities means she will never be pigeon-holed. No wonder she’s cast for for such a wide range of roles.

This year alone Teresa has been chosen as the new network voice for FOX SPORTS …

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Teresa puts her foot to the floor

Multi-talented Brisbane voice actor, Teresa Lim, puts the ‘pro’ into ‘prolific’. It seems she’s alway’s on the go; teaming-up with almost every creative agency and production house in town.

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Here's Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson brings many years’ experience as an actor and voice-over artist to the microphone, as well as flexibility and a professional approach and commitment to meet every client’s needs.

Kate’s voice is mature, warm and confident, her articulation crisp, and she delivers dialects and accents with ease. Her range extends from radio drama and fantasy character voices through commercials, educational narration, documentaries to audio book reading.

Kate's Demos

Contact Kate

Kate can be contacted through her agent:

Kubler Auckland Management
Phone 1300 858 464
Email KAM
Visit KAM Website

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Kate Wilson speaks through the darkness

Veteran actor Kate Wilson is building an impressive library of audible books. The seasoned voice artist has just finalised her 17th narration for the international market. Assuming her alter-ego (Liz Gentle), Kate brings to life ‘Darkness Rising’, the latest contemporary fantasy time travel adventure authored by Nellie H. Steele.

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Kate Wilson tells stories

Veteran Brisbane actor and voice artist, Kate Wilson, tells a ripping good yarn.

Her warm mature tone, versatility with accents and dialects, and crisp articulation have been honed through many seasons on stage and behind the microphone.

The talented performer is about to commence narrating her fourteenth audiobook (under the guise of Liz Gentle) for the international market.

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Kate’s Feeling Good

After a successful run on Queensland Health’s summer campaign, Kate Wilson returns, feeling good and sounding great in a new series of new TV and radio spots prepared for winter.

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Here's Jacqui McLaren

Jacqui is an Australian Voice Over Artist, Actor & Vocalist and has worked nationally and internationally in film, theatre and of course, in voice overs. Jacqui’s youthful approach toward the industry is led by her naturally energetic and authentic vocal tone, leaving a client with a vibrantly engaging product!

Jacqui graduated with a Bachelor of Music Theatre from the Queensland Conservatorium where Acting, singing, voice and dialect was a major focus allowing her to professionally train in the following dialects: General American, Californian, Southern American, Scottish, Received Pronunciation, Cockney, Irish and Scouse.

She is regularly heard on stations such as NOVA 106.9 voicing the weekly credits as well as the 2020 voice for the Ash, Kip, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill Breakfast Show. She also voices for clients such as Coles, World Travel Expo, Time Zone, Brisbane Bridal Expo, Brisbane Night Market, Gourmet Gardens, Personalised Plates, Australian Volunteers Program and Reflex to name a few. Not to mention, if you give a couple of doctors surgery’s a call, you’ll hear her gentle voice guiding you through what to do as you wait patiently on the phone!

Jacqui is currently studying her Masters of Communication majoring in Journalism to ensure she is the best communicator for you!

You can find out a lot more about Jacqui on her website

Jacqui's Demos

Contact Jacqui

Jacqui can be contacted through her agent:

Request a demo read

Claudia Grodum (Agent)

1300 858 454

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New Faces for 2020

While the world has been in lockdown the brisVO collective has been working overtime on its A-Game. And now, the home of Brisbane’s hottest voice talent is very excited to welcome seven new faces to the fold.

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Here's Brie Jurss

Brie’s bright, natural tone is bursting with energy and kindness. She always strives to create connection and story with her voice, no matter the read by engaging her full body when voicing scripts.

Her voice has been described as relatable yet trustworthy, tech-savvy, young yet smooth and cool, and like she belongs on the beach!

As a trained actor, Brie can deliver anything, from high-energy commercial reads, to clear and engaging eLearning scripts, and a broad range of characters.

Brie loves to explore and play with scripts, and works closely with her clients to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome.

Brie has loaned her voice out to a variety of companies and brands including Flight Centre Travel Group, Suncorp Group, The Lott, University of Sunshine Coast and Cernovis to name a few.

“Brie has the variety in her voice to cover all aspects of work from creative, promotional, and informative.
She has the ability to make subtle changes that can take the work in new and unexpected directions.
Brie is a consummate professional, takes direction on board, and is a pleasure to work with”

– Craig Cauchi, Queensland Writers Centre

Brie's Demos

Contact Brie

Brie can be contacted directly:

Contact Brie
Mobile 0413 893 134 

Or Email

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That’s Brie in the Centre

Brie Jurss is the centre of attention this month. You can hear her voice celebrating Flight Centre’s collaboration with Netball Australia in a new TV spot. The idea behind the spot puts both brands front and centre, and it can be seen on the big screens at Suncorp Stadium.

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Too many is never enough for Brie

When Brisbane hot shop Khemistry created a series of CSA’s for the Queensland Government to promote responsible drinking of alcohol, the agency called in Brie Jurss to help spread the word. While Brie’s forthright delivery cautioned audiences to know how many is too many, her professional performance in the recording booth proved the sky is her limit!

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New Faces for 2020

While the world has been in lockdown the brisVO collective has been working overtime on its A-Game. And now, the home of Brisbane’s hottest voice talent is very excited to welcome seven new faces to the fold.

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Here's Sharyn Doolan

Sharyn is versatile! 

What style would you like? 

A ditzy check-out chick?  A motherly mature woman? How about a granny or a witch?

Sharyn does it all and everything in between.  

Retail, super sexy, warm conversational, gen X, announcer, news reader.

For radio, television, corporate videos, animation, automated voice recordings, lip syncing, or narration talk to Sharyn.

Sharyn's Demos

Contact Sharyn

Sharyn can be contacted directly:

Sharyn Doolan
Mobile 0416 264 249
Email Sharyn

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Sharyn Doolan’s flying

Perennial BrisVO voice artist Sharyn Doolan always has a few projects up in the air. Lately she’s been up to a LOT of secret squirrel stuff for Governments of all flavours.

From new airport designs, audio books for the Defence Force, and delving into history narrating stunning walking trails… the microphone has been getting a serious work out.

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Sharyn’s spreading the word

When the world closed its doors in April, the reassuring friendly voice letting us know about hand hygiene, how to care for our friends and family, and that everything’s going to be okay was Sharyn Doolan!

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Here's Liz Buchanan

You want something honest and natural in 28 seconds and with all the right inflections. You need authority, but don’t want to sacrifice warmth. As a theatre and TV actor and trained singer with over a decade of VO work under her belt, Liz is truly versatile and can deliver the style, accent or character you need … or simply keep it real.

Liz has voiced TV and radio campaigns for long-term clients including Lite n’ Easy, Suncorp & Goodstart Early Learning Centres, as well as a huge range of commercial clients like Price Attack, Nature’s Own, EVA Air, Budget Pet Products, Emma & Roe and NRMA. She has provided trustworthy narration for government and business projects across Australia, and is the voice of Triple P Online (Positive Parenting Program). Liz has presented on-camera for numerous TVCs, online campaigns and corporate videos.

She’s also the voice of an alien telepath with a New York accent in the children’s animated series “Space Chickens in Space” (9Go!, Disney XD, STAN). Her standard US accent is so believable she often fools the Yanks.

Be sure to visit Liz’s website to learn more –

Liz Buchanan's Demos

Contact Liz

Liz can be contacted trhough her agent:

Kubler Auckland Management
Phone 1300 858 464
Email KAM
Visit KAM Website

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Liz supplies the right energy (renewable of course!)

There’s no doom and gloom when Liz Buchanan gets behind a mic and paints a brighter future with her signature warmth. This spot for the Qld Government’s Energy & Jobs Plan was recorded at The Voice Pant for Engine Group.

Liz makes power grids and infrastructure sound comforting, which is why she voices a lot of content for big government and corporate projects around Australia.

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Liz Buchanan has you covered

Storm season is here! When you need a trustworthy voice, but you still want it to sound warm and friendly, Liz knows how to strike the right balance. Like in this fresh spot for the Northern Territory’s TIO Insurance.

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Here's Ross Newth

Ross’s voice is constantly in demand all over Australia and Internationally. 

Whether it’s warm and convincing narration, stand out imaging, smooth and stylish, hard sell, crazy characterisations or a ‘real’ voice you’re after, Ross will deliver. 

A professional, reliable and experienced communicator, Ross Newth is only a phone call away. 

0421 086 508

Ross's Demos

Contact Ross

Ross can be contacted directly:

Ross Newth
Mobile 0421 086 508
Email Ross
Visit Website

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Ross Newth sounds familiar

For over 40 years, Ross has stood relatively anonymously behind the microphone, using his voice to inform, advise, sell and surmise.

So, what would happen if that voice and the person behind it was exposed in front of a live audience?

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Ross Newth is the Narrator Man

Back in 2015 Ross Newth’s son Josh asked if Ross could voice the part of ‘Narrator Man’ for a Three Little Pigs audio story he was creating for his daughter, Tess. As one of Brisbane’s most accomplished voice talents, and a doting grandfather, Ross jumped at the chance.

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Here's Todd MacDonald

With over 25 years’ experience as a professional voice artist, Todd has lent his voice to numerous brand campaigns, collaborating with clients such as RACQ, MAZDA, Suncorp, Poolwerx, Garnier, Coles, QLD Government, Foxtel, Village Roadshow, Brisbane Lions, and NOVA radio.

As an award-winning actor and director, Todd has decades of expertise in theatre, film and television. Known for his professionalism and collaborative approach, he excels in delivering a diverse range of styles, from ‘aspirational high end’ to ‘conversational and relatable.’

He is fast, efficient and easy to work with.

Todd is passionate about voice work and ensures the best outcomes for every project with his clients.

Todd's Demos

Contact Todd

Todd can be contacted through his agent:

EM Voices


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Mikee Joaquin gets creative

Mikee Joaquin has loads of creative flair. After making his home in Brisbane from the US, the colourful performer has developed quite a niche. His unique and quirky style was recently required to voice a series of e-learning videos for both Crayola and Colgate-Palmolive. While his natural rhythm and ability to move has been called upon to play the part of Dipsy… yes, the green Teletubby!

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Crickers gets back to work

Chris Crickmay does his best work behind the mic and he loves a vocal challenge. And while every session with Chris is a lot of fun, clients are quick to acknowledge his versatility, entrusting him with serious and important messages too – such as these announcements for the Gold Coast City Council.

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Digby celebrates 100 years of radio

BrisVO’s Digby Gillings has an old head on young shoulders. And although he’s been plying his trade for quite some time now, we’re very sure it’s been nowhere near 100 years. However that didn’t stop him from tripping down Memory Lane with the guys at Triple M to reflect on radio’s centenary of aural hi-jinks

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Here's Todd Levi

Todd started doing silly voices in the playground at age 11 and has rarely shut up since. 

Nowadays he’s heard on commercials, promos, cartoons and other stuff right around the world. 

Naturally rich, warm and deep, his voice is also extremely versatile, allowing him to have mastered a wide range of styles and characters.

Todd's Demos

Contact Todd

Todd can be contacted directly:

Mobile 0412 478 095
Email Todd

Or through:

Request a demo read

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Todd’s at home on the farm

Todd Levi loves to escape the city life when he can. He’s even got himself a few acres in the Northern Rivers Hinterland he often retires to. Modern living gives him the flexibility to work remotely. So when he gets the call to do a milk run for Dairy Farmers, or perhaps something more sales-sy for another brand, he can do it wherever he lays his hat.

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Here's Thomas Larkin

Thomas Larkin is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA); Bachelor of Fine Arts, Acting. He has performed with highly reputable companies such as Queensland Theatre in Good Grief, The Wider Earth (co-production with the Dead Puppet Society) which was also programmed at the Sydney Opera House for Sydney Festival; Macbeth; Romeo and Juliet; a national tour of Treasure Island (co-production with Matrix Theatre Company) and a Queensland tour of The Lost Property Rules. Thomas has also performed with La Boite Theatre Company in The Wizard of Oz (co-production with The Danger Ensemble for Brisbane Festival); As You Like It; Julius Caesar and Hamlet. In 2017 he featured in I Just Came To Say Goodbye for The Good Room as part of Brisbane Festival.

Since 2014 Thomas has partnered with the Brisbane Powerhouse as both a performer and a producer; for Laura Eason’s Sex With Strangers which attracted a 2015 return season and Sam Shepard’s True West in 2016. Both productions received Matilda Award nominations; for Thomas in the category of Best Male Actor and Best Independent Production. His film, television and digital credits include multiple award-winning series Homecoming Queens (SBS On Demand); For a Good Cause and The Mother Load (Screen Queensland); RUSH (Network 10); award-winning short film The Neon King (Griffith University); and short film And The Winner Is (Screen Queensland) which recently debuted in Los Angeles for Screamfest.

Thomas is a recent recipient of the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artists Fellowship. In 2019 he will appear onstage in the iconic role of ‘Biff Loman’ in Arthur Miller’s classic play Death of a Salesman for Queensland Theatre.


“Thomas has done a sterling job. Love his work – it’s fabulous. Especially his transition between characters. The distinction is terrific. I was listening on the train platform, and when he read the opening section of My One Redeeming Affliction in the voice of Edwin Stroud, I was instantly transported back into the late 19th century which was an unexpected delight! Please accept and pass on my congratulations and heartfelt thanks for a brilliant job done. I can’t even begin to imagine the work involved in reading and recording that beast of a thing with all of those characters. BRAVO! It sounds SUPER!”

– Bernard Gallate, author of The Origin of Me.

Thomas's Demos

Contact Thomas

Thomas can be contacted through his voice agent:


Kathryn Scott
+61 2 9939 8133 OR
1300 66 95 85

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Viva Thomas Larkin

A seasoned and versatile artist, Thomas Larkin’s screen credits include Baz Lurhmann’s biopic ELVIS (2022) and animated feature film Combat Wombat (2022), where he performed opposite Deborah Mailman as the voice of Chief Furbank. You can also catch Thom on the SBS On Demand series Homecoming Queens (2018), television series Darby & Joan (2022) and Nickelodeon’s Rock Island Mysteries (2022).

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